Build: 7361.1/2

Date: 11-Feb-13 

Product returns have become significantly more controlled with this update to Paladin POS. Now from the Invoice / Quote screens you may research not only the two historical return functions (1. all items on a
particular invoice and 2. all items purchased by a specific customer), but all sales of a single part number for this customer OR all sales for all customers. No longer must sales personnel look at an inventory screen or
function to know if or to whom an item was sold.

From the F1 Advanced Search screen click or page up/down to reach the History tab. Three radio buttons have been added to the top of the window. The default selection is “Invoice” and allows the sales History viewer to work exactly as it always has. The two new features of “Part” and “Part + Customer” allow sales personnel to research sales history of an individual item. The middle option returns sales data for all customers while the last option limits output to times this item has been purchased by your specified customer.

Other changes include removal of display columns that contained redundant information. When either of the part number lookup options is chosen, the part number, description, SOH and current retail price of this part number is displayed in the search box header. Since this information is identical for all items displayed we’ve made room for a couple of even bigger features to follow soon (like tracking returns to specific invoices).

The function of the Quantity field remains unchanged. A negative quantity returns the product to the store (all three radio button modes). A positive quantity buys product FROM the store (Invoice mode only). We encourage you to use any of the Paladin social media tools and let us know how our new item return features are working for you.

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