With the Invoice Importer, you can import transactions from other systems into Paladin Point of Sale.

For example, if you have hardware section in your grocery store or you sell all of your items in a web store, you can use one system to check out customers, and then use Paladin Point of Sale to analyze and track your inventory and sales.

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 How to create an invoice transaction file that you can import into Paladin Point of Sale  Maintain
 How to import invoice transactions into Paladin Point of Sale  Maintain
 How to view a revenue report with imported invoice information  Reports

You can import invoice data files in the following formats:

  • Excel (XLS)
  • Excel (XLSX)
  • XML
  • Tab-delimited text file

Important things to know about the invoice import process

  • Data must be correctly formatted and must pass a data validation test before you can import it. If errors are found, you must correct them, and try again.
  • Customer information is not imported.
  • An Import Coupon payment type is used for all imported transactions. The actual payment types, such as cash or credit card, are not imported.
    import coupon values in revenue report


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Printed on: 5/16/22