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How to use the Footage Calculator to edit the quantity and length of an item Invoice/Quote
How to use the Footage Calculator to add quantity and length values to a purchase order item Purchase orders

The Footage Calculator lets you enter a set of quantities and lengths (feet and inches) for items on an invoice or quote. When you are done, the Quantity value displays the sum of the lengths in feet, and the Extension value is set to the Quantity value multiplied by the Price (Quantity × Price). The Extension value is added to the invoice total.

Use the Footage Calculator for items that you sell in different lengths, such as lumber, wire, and rolled metal roofing.

You can open the Footage Calculator in the Invoice/Quote module in the following ways:

  • Right-click any line item, and then select Footage Calculator.
  • Highlight the invoice item, and then press Ctrl+K.
  • Highlight the invoice item, and then on the Edit menu, click Footage Calculator.


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Printed on: 7/12/20