Customer types let you categorize customers in Paladin Point of Sale. You can assign these types to your customer accounts in the Customers module. Paladin Point of Sale provides a default set of customer types, and you can define your own (except for Ace Hardware stores which must use the default set.).

Many reports provide business statistics by customer type, including the Transaction Report and the Comparative Revenue Reports.  Customer types only appear in the Customers module and reports.  The default customer types are listed below the KBA table.

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KBA Title Area
 How to setup and manage user-defined customer types Setup
 How to add a customer type to a customer account Customers
How to create the Customer File Export Report Reports
How to create the Customer Sales Ranking Report Reports
How to view transactions for a customer type in the Transaction Report Reports

Default customer types

  • Employee
  • Farm/Agriculture
  • Healthcare
  • Homeowner/DIY
  • Manufacturer
  • Municipality/Government
  • Non-profit Organization
  • Other Contractors
    • Electrical Contractor
    • Painting Contractor
    • Plumbing/HVAC Contractor
    • Landscaping/Irrigation Contractor
  • Other Business
  • Property Management
  • Religious Organization
  • Restaurant
  • Retail Business
  • School/Education
  • Service Industry
  • Store Use



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Printed on: 5/18/22