When you take cash from the register to move it to a safer location, the Cash Drop feature provides accurate record keeping.

The following end-of-day reports include Cash Drop accounting.

Report Cash Drop details
Period Register Balance report See each cash drop performed.

  • Total cash drops appear as a negative amount.
  • The Total Cash amount should equal exactly what is in the register.
  • At the end of the report is a sub-report of each cash drop.


Transaction report See Additional Settings for Cash Drop

  • payment method of the original invoice(s).


Period Comparative Revenue report See Cash Sources for Cash Drop amount.

  • If no cash drops were made, the Cash Drop amount will be zero.
  • If cash drops were made, the Cash Drop amount will be negative.


To learn more, click the title of a Knowledge Base article (KBA).

KBA Title Area
How to process a cash drop Invoice/Quote


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Printed on: 10/25/21