New Features

The Paladin 2020 Release Guide is available

Accounting report added for additional item fees

Many products now incur additional fees set by government and regulatory agencies for recycling or environmental remediation.  Currently, Paladin makes it easy to automatically include these fees at checkout by using an existing Paladin feature. However, as multiple...

Paladin 2020 Release Guide

Paladin Data Corporation is excited to announce their Summer 2020 Release including multiple new integrations, a new and more efficient Help system and many new features.

True Value EDI enhancements

Paladin now supports these files for EDI processing:   Fineline Updates – Updates True Value finelines (weekly). Long Descriptions – Adds True Value long product descriptions into the Description 3 field in Paladin (General tab > Item Information pane) for new and...

EMV: Scan credit cards to put them on-file

If you are an EMV-enabled store, you can now swipe credit cards to put them on-file. Note: This feature is already available for stores that do not use EMV. To swipe the card instead of manually-enter the card number, when you start the on-file process, in the Device...