Reports are listed in alphabetical order. Click on the title to open the KBA on that report.

Note: Some of the reports are sections within KBAs. Links to these sections are on the beginning of the KBA.

Report Title
Accounting Detail Report
Accounting Summary Report
All Items Report
Applied Credit History Report
Bin Tag Information Report
Buy Down Quote Report

Comparative Revenue Report

Credit Card Deposit Report

Credit Card Expiration Report

Customer File Export Report

Customer Profit Ranking Report
Customer Transactions Details Report
Delivery Transactions Report

EDI Masked Item Report

GMVT Fee Details Report

History Viewer Report
Hourly Analysis Report
Inventory Master Report
Inventory Valuation Summary by Department Report
Invoice Cancelled Report
Inventory Count List Report
Invoice Margin Analysis Report
Invoice Payment History Report
Items Sold Report
Itemized Tax Exempt Transaction Report
Last Counted Report
Layaway Orders Customers Report
Layaway Orders Payment Report
Master Report
Microsoft Access Template Reports
Microsoft Report Builder

Multi-Store: Alternate Sales Report

Period Comparative Revenue Report
Price/Margin Changes Report
Received Items Report
Receiving Report
Register Balance Report
Revenue Report from a Promotion
Salesperson Exception Report
Serial Number List Report
Service Charge Transaction Report
Shrinkage Report
Stop Meth Transaction Report
Stored Kits Report
Stored Transactions Report
Suggested Order Report
Transaction Report
Transaction Report – Excel option skips account payments
Transaction Report that shows monthly service charges
Transaction Details Report for In-Store Pickup purchases
Voided Credit Card Transaction Report for audit reviews and employee reviews
Year-end Reports


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