Do you or would you like to raise money for local causes or a well-known charity? Would you like to do your part in helping a community hit by a natural disaster? Are there charities that are meaningful to you and your community that you’d like to support?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, our new Charity Round up feature is designed for you. We’ve integrated charitable giving into Paladin Point of Sale in a way that encourages customers to participate and that makes it easy for you to track donations.

When this feature is set up, a Round up for charity window will appear when you begin the checkout process, and customers will have the option to round up their total purchase to the next dollar amount and donate the difference to charity.

Round up for charity window and Invoice/Quote module background

If the customer agrees to donate, select their preferred charity, and then click Donate or press F8 to add the donation to the invoice and receipt. If the customer does not want to donate, click Skip or press Enter. When the Round up for charity window closes, the checkout process will continue.

You set up the charities that you want to support and select the charity options that customers will choose from. Up to four charities can be offered at one time, and selected charities can be easily changed. Charity information is retained if you turn the feature off and later turn in on again.

Resource Area
How to set up the Round Up for Charity feature Set up–Charity
How to use the Round Up for Charity feature to collect donations Invoice/Quote
How to view charitable contribution totals in the Comparative Revenue Reports Reports

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Printed on: 5/18/22