IMPORTANT: You must set up the tax definition before you can follow any other procedures listed here.

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KBA Title Area
How to set up a tax definition Set up–Taxes
How to assign a tax definition Set up–Customers
How to create the tax exemption message Set up–Taxes
How to create the Itemized Tax Exempt Transaction Report Reports
How to create a non-taxable department Set up–Dept
How to charge tax to a non-taxable customer at checkout Invoice/Quote
How to change the tax definition on an entire order at checkout Invoice/Quote
How to document a sales tax exemption at checkout Set up–Taxes
How to change the default tax definition of a customer at checkout Inventory
How to make core charges non-taxable Invoice/Quote
How to change an item to non-taxable at checkout Invoice/Quote
How to set up Accounts Receivable and Tax A/P Liability files to export  Setup–Accounting
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