Build: 8020

Date: 06-Feb-14

An ever increasing event in our lives today is discovering the tools and assets placed into service to protect us are becoming as big a problem as what we are trying to prevent.  Since the Target credit card breach, antivirus programs have stepped up their vigilance against any software that might actually connect with the outside world.  As you might imagine Paladin POS is constantly connecting to numerous cloud based platforms as a function of “normal” operation.  Several identifiable communication modules have recently been blocked by antivirus thus impeding operation of Paladin POS.

This build contains a new management system to monitor all Paladin libraries during the software update process and should any be blocked by antivirus, this terminal will not be allowed to update to the new version of Paladin POS.  Paladin Customer Service will be automatically notified of the event and we will solve the issue for you.  Certainly no one wants to find a feature or function that doesn’t work because antivirus erased that library.

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