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Date: 24-Jan-14

As most business owners are aware, non-swiped credit cards cost SIGNIFICANTLY more to process than swiped cards.  This is an issue that stems from the card holder’s issuing banks, not your credit card processing platform (even though your platform is responsible for charging you these fees).  We have been writing about the significant gains achieved with the new P2PE encrypting all-in-one credit card terminals.  In a future release we will fully detail all the features of our new P2PE integration.

This New Feature announcement is to give everyone advance notice of a new report.  From Reports – Customers – Customer Lists you will see a new report listed under the name of “AVS Attention List”.  If you select F12 Next a Report Settings selection screen is displayed.  The default values are reasonable for most requests, or you may modify the selection criteria to suit your specific needs.  Select F12 Run Report.

If you are not utilizing the new P2PE credit card terminals in your store, you will see a message telling you “No Data For Report”.

Should your store have made the switch to P2PE security devices, an Excel worksheet automatically launches (provided this terminal has Excel installed).  The report will detail exactly which cards on file for which customers do not meet the optimal AVS rating.  Any card on file with a status less than “AVS Approved” will be detailed on this sheet.  To make your accounting department’s lives easier we’ve included the customer’s primary email address in this worksheet.  This allows a single click to open an email to ask the customer for the missing data.  We’ve realized a huge efficiency gain in the Paladin offices through use of this system.  Many of you have seen our request for credit card update emails.

The following list of AVS non-approval states (as supplied by the credit card processing industry…) may help you better understand what data the issuing bank’s actually seek.

  • Street address matches, but postal code does not match
  • Street address matches, but postal code not verified
  • Street address and postal code do not match
  • Card member’s name does not match, but street address matches
  • Street address does not match, but postal code matches

A sale paid for using a non swiped card will still gain an approval for funding with one of these five error states present, but you will pay significantly more for the processing.  A small amount of effort applied towards cleaning up AVS statuses will certainly keep more of your money in YOUR pocket.

Following is a sample of the new report:


We hope you find this new report as easy to use as it is beneficial to your business.

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