Build:  7005.1-2

Date:  25-Jun-12

Your RF attached printer now has the ability to print item tags! This will be a significant advantage for all stores receiving garden center and other unlabeled, non UPC identified product. Paladin Data Corp stocks the Item Tags for both the desktop label printer and the RF attached printer.

To set up this new feature for use, click File – Setup – Company tab and scroll down the screen to the RF Terminals information group. A new configuration option of “RF Printer Item Tag Style” is shown and from the drop down input box, you may select one of four Item Tag formats (or Blank for none). We expect most stores to use the same Item Tag Style defined in the Tag Styles information group, but obviously this is not required.

Use of the RF is virtually unchanged. During login to the RF the Printing Method options of All Bin Tags or Changed Bin Tags now has a third option of Item Tags. This new option will be displayed anytime Setup has defined a default RF Item Tag AND the print output device was selected as either the Attached Printer or the desktop Label Printer.

When Item Tags are selected as the printing method, a new prompt is displayed after the Sell Price prompt. The new prompt labeled “Print” is asking for the number of Item Tags to print. Pressing the ENTER button without a numeric entry will cause one Item Tag to print. You must input 0 if you wish no tags generated for this scan item. These new features will simplify your item labeling tasks and give you a little more time for other duties.

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