Build: 7361.1

Date: 11-Feb-13 

Many times store front employees have need to look at or even create customer accounts. This new feature allows you to assign and control which employees have rights to change or set customer specific accounting information (including credit limit) so it is much safer for rank and file personnel to have access to your customer database.

If this new feature is enabled AND a salesperson isn’t specifically granted customer accounting control privileges they will not be able to set or change information regarding customer renaming, authorized signers, payment management, pricing plans, tax structures, any entry in the Credit information box (including credit limit) or access the View Profit button.

Should you wish to implement this new control click File – Setup – Company – Customers and check the box beside “Allow Customer Accounting control Per Employee” and click Save. Then select the Employees tab and enter your admin password to gain access. Once there highlight an employee that you wish to provide access to the customer values/features listed. In the Access Levels information display check the box beside
“Customer Accounting Access” and click Save. Only the employees that you enable will have access to these customer values.

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