Note: If this Paladin Point of Sale special feature is not set up in your store and you’d like to use it, contact Paladin Support.

Special order items are often in your inventory database.  With this feature, you can search your active and obscure inventory and fulfill client’s requests.

  1. On the top ribbon, click the Invoice/Quote module.
  2. On the bottom ribbon, click Advanced Lookup.
  3. Click the Special Order tab.
  4. In the Order Number box, enter or scan the part number, and then click Find.  If the item is found, infromation in the description, cost, and sale price boxes will be filled in automatically.  
  5. To complete the special order, in the Supplier list, select a supplier.
  6. In the Qty to Order box, enter the quantity that you want to order.
  7. In the Desired Date on Hand, select the date.
  8. To add the item to the special order invoice, click Finish or press  F8.

Special order inventory search

Create special order part number


  • After you save (store) the special order invoice and optionally collect a deposit, a purchase order will be automatically created. In the PO module, you can recall the purchase order and send it to your supplier to order the item(s).
  • After you receive the items, click the Invoice/Quote module, click Recall Transaction or press F6 to open the special order invoice, and then complete the sale.

Learn more:  About Special Orders.

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Printed on: 1/19/19