About: Ace Military Double Points Program

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Note: The information in this KBA is all supported through Ace. All steps are done at the Ace store. Ace retailers have the option to offer active, reserve, retired or disabled military personnel double Ace Rewards points on every purchase. Retailers wanting to participate in the Military Double Points Program should follow the below steps: […]

About the Paladin Mobile2 app suite and Mobile Access

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Paladin Mobile2 apps extend Paladin Point of Sale software features onto mobile platforms. Mobile2 apps work on most Android devices and are free to Paladin clients. Mobile apps sync with your Paladin Point of Sale database over the internet using Wi-Fi or your cellular network. These apps must be set up by Paladin Support. To […]

About Paladin Pilot

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Paladin Pilot lets you access Paladin terminals remotely from any where with an internet connection. This service provides you direct access to the Paladin terminals in your store as if you you were there in person.  Concerned about security? We’ve got you covered with two-step authentication using your smartphone.  Learn more about the benefits of […]

About Profit Analyst

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The Profit Analyst shows you the cost, profit and margin for any line item in your invoice (Current Line values) or quote and  for the total (Invoice values). Store owners and managers can use this information to fine-tune complex quotes and when special pricing is required. Note: An employee cannot use Profit Analyst unless they […]

About Email Manager

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Today’s customers are increasingly interested in receiving invoices and other correspondence through email. Paladin supports this trend by including email options for quotes, invoices, purchase orders, statements, and more in Paladin Point of Sale.  The Email Manager offers a consistent email experience throughout Paladin Point of Sale.  When you use the email feature to manually […]

About Syntech FuelMaster

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With the Syntech FuelMaster integration, you can sell fuel at gas pumps that are outside of your store front, and do the following: Attach Syntech FuelMaster invoices to Paladin Point of Sale customer accounts. Add Syntech FuelMaster charge purchases to a customer’s account balance. Manage Syntech FuelMaster fuel purchases as inventory items. Benefit from Paladin’s […]

About the Capital One Trade Credit financial credit integration

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Paladin is fully integrated with Capital One Trade Credit® (previously BlueTarp), a third-party financial management service that protects your business from credit risk. Capital One Trade Credit extends credit, takes on the risk of non-payment, and pays you upfront when your customers make purchases. And—when you become a Capital One Trade Credit partner—our Paladin Point […]

About Round Up for Charity

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Do you or would you like to raise money for local causes or a well-known charity? Would you like to do your part in helping a community hit by a natural disaster? Are there charities that are meaningful to you and your community that you’d like to support? If you answered yes to any of […]

EDI file system enhancements

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As part of ongoing EDI system upgrades, we’ve made the changes to how EDI files are stored on your computer. With this update, all unprocessed EDI files will remain in the EDI supplier’s main folder (C:PaladinPOSExport), and a copy of all processed files will be in the supplier’s backup folder (C:PaladinPOSExportbackup). Previously, processed and unprocessed […]

About RF units

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To learn more, click the title of a Knowledge Base article (KBA).  KBA title  Area How to create a manual purchase order with an RF unit Inventory How to use the RF unit to overwrite or append stock on hand (SOH) Inventory How to use the RF unit to import a sale list and activate […]

About credit cards and gift cards

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To learn more, click the title of a Knowledge Base article (KBA). KBA Title Area About gift cards for Ace Hardware About About gift cards for Worldpay (formerly Vantiv) About About AVS verification About Best practices:  How to reconcile credit card and gift card purchases between Worldpay (formerly Vantiv) Integrated Payments and Paladin Point of Sale […]

About General Ledger (GL) Summary report of total balances

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The General Ledger (GL) Summary report shows total balances for a specified date range. To learn more, click the title of a Knowledge Base article (KBA). KBA Title Area Overview: Paladin General Ledger (GL) categories Setup How to create a General Ledger Summary report of total balances Maintain How to print a General Ledger Summary […]

About transactions

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To learn more, click the title of a Knowledge Base article. KBA Title Area How to process a transaction Invoice/Quote How to set up Alternate Part Number Found during an invoice transaction  Setup–Invoice (Store) How to add a note to a receipt or transaction Invoice/Quote How to delete a line item from a transaction Invoice/Quote How […]

About keyboard shortcuts in Paladin

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Did you know that you can do many things with keyboard shortcuts? Try them out, and discover how much quicker you can get things done. This article includes the following sections: Press a button with a function key Open a module with the Alt key and a number Close any window or module with the […]