Note: The Comparative Revenue Report must be run on the same day that you run the Transaction Report with monthly service charges.  Learn more:  How to create the Transaction Report that shows monthly service charges

  1. In Paladin, on the top ribbon, select the Reports module.
  2. In the Report Area pane, select Sales Analysis > Revenue.
  3. In the Report List pane, select the report that you want to generate.
  4. Click F12 Next.
  5. In the Report Settings window, enter the desired report settings.
  6. In the Sorting Options pane, select how you want to sort, and then click F12 Run Report.  The Comparative Revenue Report will appear.

    Note: For stores that are set up with the in store pickup, in the Revenue Sources table, under Sources, you will see the WEBSTORE line item. The WEBSTORE number represents all items charged to the In-Store Pickup payment type.


Information about the Sales Tax Detail section of the Comparative Revenue Report

Note:  The following items will not affect INVOICE NON-TAXED amounts.

Tax row:  This Period Exempt Sales includes

For this line item

Go here


If the tax is unchecked on invoice

Invoice/Quote module

  • To remove tax for the entire transaction, clear the Tax checkbox on the grey line.
  • To remove tax for one item, clear the Tax checkbox on the red line.

If the tax box is unchecked for the item in the Inventory module

Inventory module

To select an item, do one of the following:

1. Enter the part number, use Advanced Lookup, or create a new item. 

2.  In the Pricing tab, in the Pricing Level section, select the item, and then clear the Tax checkbox.

If the department is non-taxable

File/Setup/Dept tab

If you have admin privileges, select or create a department, and then select the taxes that apply to the department.

Instant saving/Dynamic Promotions that are non-taxable


For Ace Rewards clients only:  Select any instant savings or dynamic promotions that are not taxed.  Examples:  Coupons, reward programs.


Note:  The following items will affect THIS PERIOD EXEMPT SALES amounts.

Tax row:  INVOICE NON-TAXED:  This Period Exempt Sales includes

For this line item

Go here


Account is non-taxable

Customers module

Select or create a new customer, and then press F8 to change the tax- exempt status.

Tax is reset with F8 in checkout screen

Invoice/Quote module

Process the transaction, complete the transaction on the Check screen, and then press F8 to change the tax.

Service Charges

Customers module

Select all service charges that are tax exempt.


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