How to set up the FastBound Integration – Client process

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Perform the following steps as part of the FastBound integration setup process. This process can be time intensive. STEP F will likely take you the most time. Do not start these tasks until Paladin Support has instructed you to start. STEP A: In Paladin, set up A&D firearm inventory items STEP B: In Paladin, add […]

How to create the Serial Number List Report

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Open the Reports module or press ALT + 5. In the Report Area pane, click Inventory,  and then click General. In the Report List pane, click Serial Number List. Click Next or press F12. To filter your results, in the Report Settings pane, set a value range for any category. To include only one category […]

How to create the Revenue Report from a Promotion

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Note: This report will only show data from a promotion (sale list) that has prices set and the sales list is attached to a pricing plan. Open the Reports module. In the Report Area pane, click Sales Analysis and then click Revenue. In the Report List, pane click Report Revenue from a Promotion. In the […]

How to run the EDI Masked Item Report

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This report will show you the EDI LOCKS you have enabled within your system in a PDF format. Part number and Description are included on this report. Open the Reports module. In the Report Area pane, select Inventory and then select General. In the Report List pane, select EDI MASKED ITEM REPORT. In the Choose […]

Windows Terminology and Definitions

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  Component Purpose Operating system A set of programs that acts as an interface between the applications that are running on a computer and the computer’s hardware. Multiprocessing The ability to use multiple processing devices. Multitasking The ability to run multiple applications simultaneously. Multithreading The ability to run multiple parts of an application simultaneously. Kernel […]

Computer Hardware Terminology and Definitions

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Term Definition Hardware The physical components that compose a computer system or network. Common hardware components include the following: Keyboard, mouse, monitor, printer Connectors and cables Hard disk drives Circuit boards Software Instructions or data that are stored electronically, either on a hard drive or a special chip. Software components include the following: Operating systems. […]