How to contact Paladin Support

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Our outstanding customer support is conveniently accessible from your point of sale software. In Paladin, you can: Start a chat session to get answers to simple questions: Help > Support > Chat Support Submit a new Help Request for more complex inquiries: Help...

How to adjust the volume on a Lane 7000

Knowledge Base, Setup
On the Lane 7000 keypad, press 2634 and then press the F key. Tap Control Panel.  Tap Terminal Settings. Tap Human Interface. Tap Beep and then select Beep on Key Press. Tap Volume. Use the pen to adjust the volume and then press the green circle to set volume. On the...

Overview: FastBound Integration

Integration, Knowledge Base
Simplify the complicated process of selling firearms with Paladin and FastBound. FastBound’s FFL web platform and software provides guaranteed compliance for firearm acquisition and disposition (A&D), an electronic bound book, as well as an electronic 4473 form....

How to create a Facebook page for your business

Knowledge Base, Setup
To create a Facebook business page, you must be logged in to your personal Facebook account. Log in now, if you aren’t already. Step 1: Sign up First, go to Click Get Started for a Business or Brand. Next, enter your business information....

How to auto-print yard orders

Knowledge Base, Setup
How to auto-print yard orders Open File > Setup > Invoice (Store) tab.  In the Invoice pane, select Filter Yard Order Printing by Inventory, and then select Auto Print Yard Orders. Click Save. 

Overview: QuickBooks integration

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Eliminate the time-consuming process of transferring your daily financial activity summary and closed purchase orders into QuickBooks. No muss, no fuss, no manual entry.   Our integration transfers the day’s general ledger activity summary to your QuickBooks general...