Customer File Export report

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You can export Paladin customer account information for both active and inactive accounts. The following customer type details are provided in these spreadsheet columns: Customer Type ID: The integer ID assigned to the customer type in Paladin. Example: 16 Customer Type: The customer type name. Example: Farm/Agriculture Customer Type Code: The customer type code used […]

Troubleshooting: True Value Whitelisting

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True Value is making some changes to our Information Technology landscape and wanted to raise a potential item that you may be required to take action upon.  Some companies use a security strategy called “Whitelisting”.  Whitelisting specifically lists what external computers a company’s internal systems are able to communicate with.  While not prevalent with most […]

Month End Statements

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This article provides instruction and information on the following: Automatic Month-end Statement process Benefits and changes How to run Month-end statements Manual statement run Account Summary Report How to reverse a Month-end statement How to save Month-end statements for bulk mailing Automatic Month-end Statement process Paladin is in the process of rolling out the automatic […]

How to create a Buy Down Quote report

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 The Buy Down Quote report is an Excel file that is generated in Paladin’s Invoice/Quote module. Before being able to generate this report, you must first: Create a quote, refer to: How to create a quote Turn the quote into an order: Order Manager: How to turn quotes into orders Once you have turned the […]

Lengthy notes in Invoice/Quotes

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Before this feature, writing a note in an invoice/quote was limited to 62 characters. Now, lengthy notes can be pasted into a Note field, which holds 48 characters, with the remaining characters flowing into the next Note field. Note: This can only be done by pasting in the text. In Paladin, on the top ribbon, […]

EDI Integrations

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The following is an alphabetical listing of Paladin EDI integrations: Paladin EDI Integrations Ace Hardware Amerisource Bergen Associated Food Services (AFS) Blish-Mize Bostwick-Braun Cardinal Health Do It Best Emery Jensen Distribution (EJD) House Hasson McKesson Orgill SynTech FuelMaster True Value United Hardware Wallace Hardware

Ace: Upload historical data

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Note: The following is only for clients that want historical data. In Paladin, from the main menu, select Maintain > Data viewer. Select the Rewards tab.  In the Brand field, select Ace. Change the Starting date to the date of the client’s choosing. Note: There may be a limit as to how far back the […]

How to run the EDI Masked Item Report

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This report will show you the EDI LOCKS you have enabled within your system in a PDF format. Part number and Description are included on this report. In Paladin, on the top ribbon, select the Reports module. In the Report Area pane, select Inventory > General. In the Report List pane, select EDI MASKED ITEM […]

How to manually print Month-End statements

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The process of creating and printing month-end statements has evolved in Paladin. With build 5119 and higher, a new month-end statements process has been implemented. Month-end statements now process automatically overnight on the day of the month the previous statement run was performed. (Note: A different date can be set). The statement generation process is […]

How to create the Period Comparative Revenue report

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You can quickly identify revenue sources for the date range that you select. In Paladin, on the top ribbon, select the Reports module. In the Report Area pane, select Sales Analysis > Revenue. In the Report List pane, click Period Comparative Revenue. Note: You can also click the following options: Today’s Comparative Revenue Yesterday’s Comparative […]