How to recall/activate a customer account

Customers, Knowledge Base, Process

To recall/activate a customer account that has been “deleted” perform the following: In Paladin, on the top ribbon, select the Customers module. On the bottom ribbon, select F1 Advanced Lookup. In the Advanced Lookup window, in the Keyword Search box, enter the customer’s name. Click Find >>. You will notice that the when the customer […]

Attention: Windows 7 no longer supported

Customers, Knowledge Base, Policy

Paladin support for Windows 7 will end January 10, 2022. Correct operation of Point of Sale cannot be guaranteed after this date. We highly recommend that our clients contact Paladin Support (1.800.725.2346 opt.2) to purchase a new computer as soon as possible, as back orders may cause them not to get a new PC as […]

How to reprint an invoice

Customers, Inventory, Invoice/Quote, Knowledge Base

The following provides information on the several ways to reprint an invoice:  How to reprint from the Invoice & Quote module How to reprint from the Customers module How to reprint from the Inventory module How Paladin printer settings affect invoice reprints Note: In your Paladin settings, if Use Receipt Printer for Invoice Reprint is […]

How to set up percentage discount for a customer

Customers, Knowledge Base, Setup

This procedure shows you how to apply an overall percentage discount to a customer’s statement balance. You can also set up trade discounts that can be limited to specific departments or classes and that are also applied to individual customers. Trade discounts are applied at checkout. To learn more, see How to set up and […]

How to set up and apply trade discounts for customers

Customers, Knowledge Base, Setup

Trade discounts give your best customers a discount on their monthly statement. Trade discounts are set up as pricing plans. This allows you to selectively discount specific departments or classes and require that the discount meets the minimum margin for each item. You can create multiple trade discounts and selectively apply them to each customer […]

How to set up a prompt payment discount

Customers, Knowledge Base, Setup

Prompt payment discounts encourage your customers to pay their account balance quickly. When you set up this feature, statement discounts (applied per customer) will expire on a specific day of the month if the balance is unpaid. To apply a statement (percentage) discount to an individual customer account, see How to apply a percentage discount […]

How to send an email to all charge customers

Customers, Knowledge Base, Maintain

This feature sends an email to all customers with a store account. To receive the email, the customer must have a non-zero Credit Limit on the Credit tab in the Customers module and must have an email address on file.  In Paladin, on the Maintain menu, select Utilities > Customer Utilities > Email Charge Customers. […]

How to view a customer’s emails in Excel

Customers, Knowledge Base

The View in Excel feature automatically creates an Excel view of frequently-requested customer data, which eliminates the need to transcribe the information manually. From Excel, you can easily print, email, and share this information with the customer or other software programs.  The Excel view is editable, so you can edit the data before you print, share, […]