Rich Rewards

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As of 04/05/2022, all individual Rich Reward KBAs are combined in to this single article. It is organized in to the following section list, each with a hyper link to them and a Back to Top link to bring you back to the section list: How to order Rich Reward Loyalty cards/displays How to set […]

About: Ace Military Double Points Program

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Note: The information in this KBA is all supported through Ace. All steps are done at the Ace store. Ace retailers have the option to offer active, reserve, retired or disabled military personnel double Ace Rewards points on every purchase. Retailers wanting to participate in the Military Double Points Program should follow the below steps: […]

Rewards: Exclude Special Orders from calculating rewards

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Note: This feature only applies to Ace Rewards, Rich Rewards and Repeat Rewards. In Paladin, from the main menu, select File > Setup. Select the Class tab. Create a new class named “SO Rewards Exclusion.” Click New. In the Name box, enter this: SO Rewards Exclusion In the Class ID box, enter an unused class ID. […]

How to set up True Value Rewards look up options

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In the Invoice/Quote module, the True Value Rewards look up window can appear when the start of the invoice, when you start the checkout process, or both.  On the File menu, click Setup. Click the Rewards tab. To prompt for a rewards ID when you create a new invoice, in the Rich Rewards pane, click the […]

How to sign up a Do It Best Rewards customer

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On the top ribbon, click the Customers module. If the customer does not already have an account, create one. In the Customers tab, in the Credit pane, in the Credit Limit box, enter zero or a fixed amount. Click the Electronic tab. In the Alternate Customer IDs pane, click Edit ID Data. In the Alternate […]

Repeat Rewards: Exclude items by department or class

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This feature only applies to stores that use the Repeat Rewards program. To exclude classes or departments from Repeat Rewards: In Paladin, from the main menu, select File > Setup. Select the Rewards tab. In the Rewards pane, select Repeat Rewards from the Customer rewards program list In the Repeat Rewards pane, add or remove […]

How to create or find a Repeat Rewards customer

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On the top ribbon, click the Invoice/Quote module.  The Repeat Rewards window will appear. In the Rewards ID or Phone Number box, enter the information or scan the ID card. Notes: The Repeat Rewards window will not appear when a customer account is selected for the invoice, even if the customer account includes a Repeat Rewards ID. […]

How to update Ace Rewards member information

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IMPORTANT:  This procedure will only work if you have 2D barcode scanners.  Otherwise, you must manually update all personal information on Ace’s website. Open Paladin Point of Sale. On the top ribbon, click the Invoice/Quote module. In the Ace Rewards window, scan the customer’s current driver’s license with a 2D scanner or manually enter the information. […]

How to set up RepeatRewards

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RepeatRewards is a third-party service that tracks customer data and issues redeemable coupons and sales. The RepeatRewards program is integrated with the Paladin. To set up RepeatRewards: Contact RepeatRewards Merchant Services by email ( or phone (888-876-2737) and ask for the following information: Username Password Merchant ID Region ID Location ID In Paladin, from the main […]