Farmers Co-Op Society (FCS) integration

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The Farmer’s Co-op Society (FCS) integration allows FCS clients to track accounts receivable when Paladin is the point of sale. FCS clients can manually generate a daily export file of all invoices to upload. FCS clients can manually browse to a customer update file and process it to add new customers and update existing customers […]

General Ledger (GL) Summary

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This article provides the information and instruction for the Paladin General Ledger Summary feature: Paladin accounting software integrations Paladin General Ledger categories Options to itemize/filter revenue data General Ledger Summary export option How to add accounting software account names/numbers to the General Ledger Summary Report General Ledger account export file names are editable How to […]

Overview: Paladin eCommerce (eComm) API

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Connect your online store to Paladin with the Paladin eCommerce API (application programming interface). The API provides access to your Paladin inventory data to support online sales and will create invoices in Paladin and update stock on hand when a sale is made. The online store (eCommerce platform) must create and test the integration using […]

User’s Guide: Point of Rental Essentials integration

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This guide is for clients that use the Paladin integration with Point of Rental Essentials to process rental payments. Learn more about this integration. If you need to set up the Paladin integration with Point of Rental Essentials or have more questions about the integration, contact Paladin Support. For help with Point of Rental Essentials, […]

Overview: Ez-Ad Integration

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EZ-AD enables independent businesses to compete with big-box stores and online giants by featuring dynamic digital signage, product videos, performing price comparisons, and more—all from a mobile device. Our integration between Paladin Point of Sale and EZ-AD will share your latest inventory pricing and details with your EZ-AD account.