HealNow eComm integration

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HealNow integration leverages Paladin’s eCommerce API to allow HealNow to write invoices into Paladin for pharmacy online purchases. HealNow serves pharmacies allowing them to collect patient payments for prescriptions and over the counter (OTC) items on an eCommerce site. This allows pharmacies to operate an online store and keep stock on hand updated without manual […]

Saberis Special Order integration

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SaberisConnect is our cloud-based integration solution for the lumber and building materials industry. Saberis counters one of the challenges that building materials companies face as they interact more with technology and digitally transform their software solutions consolidate and integrate information from quotation and order systems to ERP and POS systems. Paladin has partnered with Saberis […]

Farmers Co-Op Society (FCS) integration

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The Farmer’s Co-op Society (FCS) integration allows FCS clients to track accounts receivable when Paladin is the point of sale. FCS clients can manually generate a daily export file of all invoices to upload. FCS clients can manually browse to a customer update file and process it to add new customers and update existing customers […]

General Ledger (GL) Summary

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This article provides information and instruction on the following: Paladin accounting software integrations Paladin General Ledger categories Options to itemize/filter revenue data General Ledger Summary export option How to add accounting software account names/numbers to the General Ledger Summary Report General Ledger account export file names are editable How to reconcile the Inventory Valuation Summary […]

Volusion integration Do’s and Don’ts

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The following guidelines are important when using Volusion integration. Important: Do not change the “Status” of a Volusion transaction. If you change the status, a duplicate invoice is created in Paladin. Figure 1: Volusion Order Status Do click ORDER COMPLETE when finished with an order. Figure 2: Volusion Order Complete

Point of Rental Essentials Integration

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This guide is for clients that use the Paladin integration with Point of Rental Essentials to process rental payments. For more information, refer to: Overview: Point of Rental Essentials Integration. If you want to set up the Paladin integration with Point of Rental Essentials, or have more questions about the integration, contact Paladin Support. For […]

FastBound Integration: Working in Paladin

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Paladin integrates with FastBound so you can receive and sell firearms in Paladin while simultaneously updating FastBound. Learn more about the FastBound integration This article provides instruction and information on the following: How to receive firearms in Paladin and automatically acquire them in FastBound How to sell a firearm in Paladin and automatically dispose of it in FastBound  How to add a firearm inventory item in Paladin  How to handle a transferred firearm that was purchased […]