User’s Guide: Tax Holiday

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A tax holiday is a time period during which some items are sold tax-free or partially tax-free. For example, during a tax holiday, customers may be able to purchase outdoor recreation items or school supplies and not pay sales tax. Or customers may be able to purchase some more expensive items, such as a $400 […]

How to set up the insufficient SOH message

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To be notified when you enter an invoice quantity exceeds your current stock on hand, turn on the Insufficient SOH message. This message will not appear for non-inventory items and you can limit it to a range of locations. On the File menu, click Setup. Click the Invoice(Store) tab. Select Enable Oversold Warning. Optional: To […]

How to create a pick list for outstanding order items

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The Pick List report provides a list of outstanding order items sorted by order in Excel. Order item details include unsold item quantities, prices and more. Provide this list to your fulfillment department or use it for easy reference.   Tip To learn more about orders in Paladin, see Overview: Turn quotes into orders with Order […]

About automatic ACH eCheck deposits

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The automatic check deposit feature transfers check payments into your bank account, overnight, using the customer’s bank account information on file or check information entered at checkout. During invoicing, if a customer is selected, check information must be entered only once. Afterwards, it is saved in Paladin Point of Sale for future purchases.  In the […]

How to automatically number quotes

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A configuration setting lets you automatically number quotes for easy reference. Quote numbers are added to a Note line item when you print or store the quote. If you store the quote, the number is also appended to the quote’s Memo text. This allows you to quickly find the quote by number in the Recall Transaction window.   To turn on this […]

How to add a custom message on emailed receipts

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Your custom message will replace this default text: Your invoice from is attached. Thank you for your business. On the File menu, click Setup. In the Paladin Configuration window, click the Forms tab. In the Invoice Email Message box, enter your custom text. Click Save and then close the Paladin Configuration window.  

How to redeem an Ace gift card

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In the Invoice/Quote module, add the purchase items to the invoice, and then click Checkout or press F8. On the bottom ribbon, click Credit Card. Perform the steps for how credit cards are processed in your store: Stores that use encrypted credit card processing: At the bottom of the Credit Card Processing window, click Ace […]

How to prevent invoice-wide discounts from applying to Net items

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In the Invoice/Quote module, percentage discounts can be manually applied to invoice items when you click Discount Item on the bottom ribbon or press F4. To prevent these manual discounts on items that have the Net checkbox selected, follow these steps: On the File menu, click Setup. In the Paladin Configuration window, click the Company tab. In the Inventory pane, select the Exclude Net items from Invoice-wide […]

How to insert subtotals on an invoice

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When items are added or removed from the invoice, subtotals will be automatically adjusted.  The subtotal is calculated from the previous subtotal.  If no prior subtotal exists, the subtotal is calculated from the start of the invoice. In the Invoice/Quote module, right-click an invoice line item, and then select Insert Subtotal.  The subtotal will be inserted above […]

About Profit Analyst

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The Profit Analyst shows you the cost, profit and margin for any line item in your invoice (Current Line values) or quote and  for the total (Invoice values). Store owners and managers can use this information to fine-tune complex quotes and when special pricing is required. Note: An employee cannot use Profit Analyst unless they […]