Sale Lists

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This article provides instruction and information on the following: How to create a Sale List How to make an active Sale List inactive How to make an inactive Sale List active Sale list filters How to export and import items in a sale (Sale List) using Excel How to create the Sale List import file […]

Invoice: Incomplete and Remove Item messages

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When creating invoices, there are two safeguard message to ensure you do not lose information: Remove Item warning Incomplete Invoice warning Remove Item warning message The Remove Item warning message is triggered when you remove a line item from an invoice. A popup window opens asking if this is what you want to do. A […]

Transactions: Voids

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This article provides instruction and information on the following: How to void a transaction Credit card processor cannot void a payment Failed VOID caused by a canceled payment card transaction How to create a voided transaction report How to create a Voided Credit Card Transaction report Voiding a transaction creates an SOH history entry How […]


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Important Note: Mobile2Deliver must be set for Paladin delivery to be set up for client’s customers (Invoice/Quote). This article provides information and instruction on the following: How to set up Mobile2Deliver and delivery options (Internal Only) How to add a delivery address and contact info to a customer account How to validate a customer’s delivery […]

How to run the Hourly Analysis report

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This Hourly Analysis report shows invoice count, line count, and sales total per hour. To run the report: In Paladin, on the top ribbon, select the Reports module. In the Report Area pane, select Sales Analysis > What I Need to Know. In the Report Area pane, select Hourly Analysis Report. In the Choose Report pane, click F12 Next. In the Report […]

Transactions: Payment types

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Note: When performing a transaction, process gift cards or Flex (FSA) cards first to determine if there will be a balance due via another payment type. Transactions are done on the Invoice/Quote module in Paladin. In Paladin, on the top ribbon, select the Invoice/Quote module. In the Invoice/Quote tab, scan an item for its part […]

Reprint an invoice

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The following provides information on the several ways to reprint an invoice: How Paladin printer settings affect invoice reprints Reprint purchase orders without costs and more new options How to reprint from the Invoice/Quote module Invoice reprints from Invoice/Quote module How to reprint from the Customers module How to reprint a customer’s prior statement How […]

User’s Guide: Tax Holiday

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A tax holiday is a time period during which some items are sold tax-free or partially tax-free. For example, during a tax holiday, customers may be able to purchase outdoor recreation items or school supplies and not pay sales tax. Or customers may be able to purchase some more expensive items, such as a $400 […]

How to set up the insufficient SOH message

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To be notified when you enter an invoice quantity exceeds your current stock on hand, turn on the Insufficient SOH message. This message will not appear for non-inventory items and you can limit it to a range of locations. On the File menu, click Setup. Click the Invoice(Store) tab. Select Enable Oversold Warning. Optional: To […]

How to create a pick list for outstanding order items

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The Pick List report provides a list of outstanding order items sorted by order in Excel. Order item details include unsold item quantities, prices and more. Provide this list to your fulfillment department or use it for easy reference.   Tip To learn more about orders in Paladin, see Overview: Turn quotes into orders with Order […]

About automatic ACH eCheck deposits

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The automatic check deposit feature transfers check payments into your bank account, overnight, using the customer’s bank account information on file or check information entered at checkout. During invoicing, if a customer is selected, check information must be entered only once. Afterwards, it is saved in Paladin Point of Sale for future purchases.  In the […]

Itemized Excel spreadsheet added to email statements

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For customers that receive statements by email, this feature automatically includes an Excel spreadsheet with a customer’s monthly charges, itemized by project, if applicable. The spreadsheet complements the PDF statements that customers already receive and includes individual sheets (tabs) for: Statement Information – Store information and statement summary. All Transactions – An itemized list of […]