How to hide retail in a PO on RF terminal

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Paladin supports a request to turn off business intelligence data during manual purchase order creation in RF Remote Terminals. If your store does not need to confirm the retail price in inventory matches the retail price on a bintag scanned, you may turn off display of this information during PO creation. To perform this: In […]

How to delete (inactivate) an inventory item

Inventory, Knowledge Base, Process

In Paladin, you can delete an inventory item. When an inventory item is “deleted”, it is not permanently deleted; it is just put in an inactive state. The inventory item can be restored/activated. Note: To restore/activate an inventory item, see How to restore/activate an inventory item To delete/inactivate an inventory item: In Paladin, on the […]

How to reprint an invoice

Customers, Inventory, Invoice/Quote, Knowledge Base

The following provides information on the several ways to reprint an invoice:  How to reprint from the Invoice & Quote module How to reprint from the Customers module How to reprint from the Inventory module How Paladin printer settings affect invoice reprints Note: In your Paladin settings, if Use Receipt Printer for Invoice Reprint is […]

How to view supplier warehouse SOH

Inventory, Knowledge Base, Purchase Orders

You can access stock on hand information your designated warehouse | distribution center in Paladin when ordering (PO module) or for an individual item (PO, Inventory and Invoice/Quote modules). This feature is available for these EDI suppliers: Ace, True Value, Do It Best, Orgill This article contains these two procedures: How to sort your purchase […]

User’s Guide: Serialization: Managing products with serial numbers

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What is product serialization? Product serialization is the process of assigning unique IDs or “serial numbers” to individual items in a product line. Serial numbers are typically used for high-value products, such as power equipment, chainsaws, power tools, and appliances. Common uses for serial numbers Serial numbers are useful for many reasons, including: Managing warranty […]