Sale Lists

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This article provides instruction and information on the following: How to create a Sale List How to make an active Sale List inactive How to make an inactive Sale List active Sale list filters How to export and import items in a sale (Sale List) using Excel How to create the Sale List import file […]

Suggested Order report

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The Suggested Order report is designed to help automate the process of sending purchase orders to your vendors. It aggregates data from your sales history and from item-level settings in the inventory module. The report is viewable as a PDF for informational purposes. The Suggested Order report can also generate a pending purchase order, thereby […]

How to run the Price/Margin Changes report

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This report shows the current price and margin of inventory items. In Paladin, on the top ribbon, select the Reports module. In the Report Area pane, select Inventory > History. In the Report List pane, select Price/Margin Changes. In the Choose Report pane, click F12 Next. In the Report Settings pane, select a beginning and end date. You can also filter report […]

Service Tool: How to determine markup and margin

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In business, the markup is the price spread between the cost to produce a good or service and its selling price. In order to ensure a profit and recover the costs to create a product or service, producers must add a markup to their total costs. In business, margins are the differences between the price of a […]

Profit Analyst

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The Profit Analyst lets you view cost, profit, and margin for any line item in your invoice or quote along with the invoice or quote total. As you make changes on the invoice, Profit Analyst shows you the resulting margin and profit values. All values are pre-tax (subtotal) values. This article provides the following information: […]

General Ledger (GL) Summary

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This article provides the information and instruction for the Paladin General Ledger Summary feature: Paladin accounting software integrations Paladin General Ledger categories Options to itemize/filter revenue data General Ledger Summary export option How to add accounting software account names/numbers to the General Ledger Summary Report General Ledger account export file names are editable How to […]

How to restore/activate an inventory item

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In Paladin, you are able to inactivate inventory items. During the process, the word “delete” is used instead of “inactivate.” Rest assured, no inventory items are “deleted’ and can be made active again. In Paladin, the word “restore” is used. To restore/activate an inventory item: In Paladin, on the top ribbon, select the Inventory module. […]

How to delete (inactivate) an inventory item

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In Paladin, you can delete an inventory item. When an inventory item is “deleted”, it is not permanently deleted; it is just put in an inactive state. The inventory item can be restored/activated. Note: To restore/activate an inventory item, see How to restore/activate an inventory item To delete/inactivate an inventory item: In Paladin, on the […]

Reprint an invoice

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The following provides information on the several ways to reprint an invoice: How Paladin printer settings affect invoice reprints Reprint purchase orders without costs and more new options How to reprint from the Invoice/Quote module Invoice reprints from Invoice/Quote module How to reprint from the Customers module How to reprint a customer’s prior statement How […]

How to view supplier warehouse SOH

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You can access stock on hand information your designated warehouse | distribution center in Paladin when ordering (PO module) or for an individual item (PO, Inventory and Invoice/Quote modules). This feature is available for these EDI suppliers: Ace, True Value, Do It Best, Orgill This article contains these two procedures: How to sort your purchase […]