How to view supplier warehouse SOH

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You can access stock on hand information your designated warehouse | distribution center in Paladin when ordering (PO module) or for an individual item (PO, Inventory and Invoice/Quote modules). This feature is available for these EDI suppliers: Ace, True Value, Do It Best, Orgill This article contains these two procedures: How to sort your purchase […]

EDI: Smith Drug: How to send and receive files

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 How to send a purchase order Open Paladin Point of Sale. On the top ribbon, click the PO module. In the Supplier list, select Smith Drug. Create a purchase order. On the bottom ribbon, click Confirm PO or press F8. On the bottom ribbon, click Buy or press F1. In the PO Number window, in the PO Number box, enter the purchase order number, and […]

User’s Guide: Serialization: Managing products with serial numbers

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What is product serialization? Product serialization is the process of assigning unique IDs or “serial numbers” to individual items in a product line. Serial numbers are typically used for high-value products, such as power equipment, chainsaws, power tools, and appliances. Common uses for serial numbers Serial numbers are useful for many reasons, including: Managing warranty […]

How to prevent invoice-wide discounts from applying to Net items

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In the Invoice/Quote module, percentage discounts can be manually applied to invoice items when you click Discount Item on the bottom ribbon or press F4. To prevent these manual discounts on items that have the Net checkbox selected, follow these steps: On the File menu, click Setup. In the Paladin Configuration window, click the Company tab. In the Inventory pane, select the Exclude Net items from Invoice-wide […]

How to set a reference margin on a non-inventory item so the Profit Analyst will calculate the profit

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The Profit Analyst uses the reference margin on non-inventory (dump SKU) items to calculate the profit for these items. Click the Inventory module. Search for and display the non-inventory item. Click the Pricing tab. In the ItemCost pane, in the Avg Cost box, enter 0.00. In the Pricing pane, in row 1, set the Ref value to the reference margin value. Do not include the percentage […]

EDI: SynTech FuelMaster: How to send and receive files

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The Syntech FuelMaster invoice file must be accessible from the Paladin Point of Sale terminal where you perform EDI processing, and you must know the file location.  As each invoice is processed, status messages will appear.  When the EDI processing is completed, you can view the progress notes and associated reports. Click the Inventory module or press […]

How to create a SynTech FuelMaster inventory item

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To manage Syntech FuelMaster quantities in Paladin Point of Sale, first select an existing department for Syntech FuelMaster items or create a new one. Then, create an inventory item for each Syntech FuelMaster inventory item, assign it to this department, and then set the part number or alternate part number to match the Syntech FuelMaster […]

How to create a sale sign in the Inventory module

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Note: To view samples of sign styles and sign sizes, go to the LTSR catalog. On the top ribbon, click the Inventory module. Enter or scan the barcode of the part number for the sale sign that you want. Click the General tab. In the Item Information pane, click Print Sign. In the Sale Sign Export window, enter the Start Date and the End Date for […]