Your customers can receive the same discounts that you offer them in-store (via pricing plans assigned to their Paladin customer account) when they shop at

Tip: To learn how to apply discounts to customers using pricing plans, see Pricing Plans.

Note: In Paladin, Pricing Plans had a restriction that limited a price discount to class, department, supplier, or sale ID range. This restriction has been removed; therefore, clients can now create store-wide, multiple items discounts. 

An “owner” discount of cost + 0 is still disallowed in Paladin. If clients want to test the discounts with their own accounts, they’ll need to create a new Pricing Plan that isn’t at cost, even if it is cost + 1%, and add that to their accounts. This won’t impact their price in the store since the cost + 0 will override it.

Note: Additional setup is required by the client to link Paladin customer accounts with business accounts. This is accomplished using the ACENET tool. Refer the client to Ace Hardware for more information.

To set up this feature:

  • Contact Paladin Support to turn on the Ace B2B features.
  • Link Paladin customer accounts with their online business account via an ACENET application. For more information about this process, contact Ace Hardware.

When setup is complete, linked customers will automatically receive the same pricing plan discounts that they receive in-store when they shop online at

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Printed on: 7/17/24