Overview: Store brand conversion process

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Download PDF 1. Confirmation When Paladin Data Corporation receives a request from a store or supplier, it confirms that the store will be switching to the new primary EDI supplier and has agreed to the quoted cost. 2. Communication With the store: Paladin requires the store to provide the following information: Who is the new […]

Overview: All-item catalogs and obscure inventory items

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Many suppliers provide an all-item catalog that can be imported into Paladin Point of Sale through an EDI process. While the complete catalog is stored, only items in your active inventory appear in reports or searches (unless you search for the item specifically). Catalog items that are not in active inventory are called obscure inventory […]

Overview: Why we archive some data for multi-stores

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Multi-store databases accumulate large quantities of data. Over time, this data will slow down your Paladin Point of Sale system. To ensure that your store runs efficiently, we archive data that has a low likelihood of needing to be recalled. Data that is required to run a store is never archived. If you need an archived […]

EMV facts and information

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The following is covered in this KBA: EMV – Learning the Basics Cards are inserted, not swiped PIN or Signature? Better authorization security What is EMV? EMV is one element of a complete solution to reduce credit card fraud EMV does not always protect against stolen cards EMV with end-to-end (E2E) encryption is a better […]