Paladin Mobile credit card processor: IDTRECH VP3300 for Worldpay

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This article provides instruction and information on the following: Overview VP3300BT Pin Reset Connecting to Bluetooth Battery Charging VP3300BT Power States VP3300BT LED State Indicators Overview The ViVOpay VP3300BT from ID TECH is a compact, Bluetooth-based, 3-in-1 EMV card reader designed to allow magnetic stripe reads (MSR), ICC (chip card) reads, and contactless transactions (via […]

Invoice/Quote module Quick-access menu

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When in Paladin’s Invoice/Quote module, and right-click on an item, the following menu opens: Figure 1: Invoice/Quote menu The following provides the function of each menu item: Select this menu option To do this Insert Line Item Insert a blank line item above the selected line item.   Benefit: Insert a line-item anywhere in the […]