Sale Lists

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This article provides instruction and information on the following: How to create a Sale List Navigating between Sales and Pricing Plans How to make an active Sale List inactive How to make an inactive Sale List active Sale list filters How to export and import items in a sale (Sale List) using Excel How to […]

Transactions: Voids

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This article provides instruction and information on the following: How to void a transaction Credit card processor cannot void a payment Failed VOID caused by a canceled payment card transaction How to create a voided transaction report How to create a Voided Credit Card Transaction report Voiding a transaction creates an SOH history entry How […]


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Important Note: Mobile2Deliver must be set for Paladin delivery to be set up for client’s customers (Invoice/Quote). This article provides information and instruction on the following: How to add a delivery address and contact info to a customer account How to validate a customer’s delivery address (Avalara AvaTax™ accounts only) How to schedule a delivery […]

Rich Rewards

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As of 04/05/2022, all individual Rich Reward KBAs are combined in to this single article. It is organized in to the following section list, each with a hyper link to them and a Back to Top link to bring you back to the section list: How to order Rich Reward Loyalty cards/displays How to set […]

General Ledger (GL) Summary

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This article provides the information and instruction for the Paladin General Ledger Summary feature: Paladin accounting software integrations Paladin General Ledger categories Options to itemize/filter revenue data General Ledger Summary export option How to add accounting software account names/numbers to the General Ledger Summary Report General Ledger account export file names are editable How to […]

Yard Orders

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This article provides the following: Pick up order enhancement Pick up order by location Pick up order printer control Pick up order printer tray control Pick up ticket as a receipt Pick up order enhancement Inventory Locations are displayed on Yard Order/Pick Up Order forms. A column on the right side of the form identified […]

Cash Drawers

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This article provides the following: Purchasing and setting up cash drawers How to set cash drawer control How to open the cash drawer from the keyboard Cash drawer control for zero dollar sales Purchasing and setting up cash drawers You can purchase the following types of cash drawers from Paladin Data Corporation: Economical EP107 Professional […]

Paladin Pilot

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Paladin Pilot lets you access Paladin terminals remotely from any where with an internet connection. This service provides you direct access to the Paladin terminals in your store as if you you were there in person.  Concerned about security? We’ve got you covered with two-step authentication using your smartphone.  Learn more about the benefits of […]

How to design/create a BOGO promotion

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BOGO has become one of the most popular and often used acronyms in the retail lexicon and Buy One Get One are one of the most effective sales promotions in the business. Research shows that 93% of shoppers admit to taking advantage of a BOGO sale, and 66% of them prefer them to any other […]