Guidelines to using SaferPayments for PCI compliance

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The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) aims to enhance security for consumers by setting guidelines for any company that accepts, stores, processes, or transmits credit card information — regardless of the number of transactions or the size of those transactions. If a Paladin client uses WorldPay for their credit card processor, they will have to […]

PCI DSS Compliance through Worldpay

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Although Worldpay has moved their Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) from Trustwave to Safer Payments, this article provides information on both. Note: It is our understanding that Worldpay still supports Trustwave, but have them contact Worldpay for confirmation and any other questions they may have regarding Trustwave. Safer Payments Safer Payments is […]

Store down emergencies

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If a store is experiencing the following, you can call about a Store Down emergency 24 hours a day and 365 days a year: Statements will not run / print EDI will not download into system / will not send to vendor Paladin will not open on any computer in the store Data can’t be […]

Attention: Windows 7 no longer supported

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Paladin support for Windows 7 will end January 10, 2022. Correct operation of Point of Sale cannot be guaranteed after this date. We highly recommend that our clients contact Paladin Support (1.800.725.2346 opt.2) to purchase a new computer as soon as possible, as back orders may cause them not to get a new PC as […]

Accept checks from customer

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This feature allows your lesser-known customers to pay with cash or credit card only. Check payments will not be accepted. This feature is turned off by default. When a check payment is not allowed, in the Invoice/Quote module, on the Checkout tab, on the bottom ribbon, the Check (F4) payment type will be unavailable. When […]

The Stop Meth system

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When a customer purchases certain pharmacy items, the Stop Meth system will alert the cashier to collect more required information and a signature. The customer’s name, phone number, ID number, and state will be printed on the receipt, stored in the database, and appear on the transaction report. A manual or electronic signature will also be […]

Credit card processor cannot void a payment

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In the Invoice/Quote module, during checkout, when a cashier tries to cancel an approved credit card payment, and the credit card processor cannot void the payment, the following message will appear. The message is informational only. After the cashier clicks F8 OK, the screen clears, and the event is recorded in the store’s transaction history. […]

Multi-store only: Primary, Backup, and Remote servers

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When you start Paladin Point of Sale on a terminal in a multi-store environment, the terminal’s primary and backup database server settings are automatically synced with storewide defaults. This safeguard prevents a terminal from connecting to an incorrect server and eliminates potentially costly troubleshooting. If a computer, such as the backup server, requires custom primary […]

AVS supports international addresses and street names

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Paladin accepts international addresses and street names for AVS verification. Adding a card on-file in the Customers module. When a customer’s credit card is tokenized and stored in their account, street names and international addresses can be entered as well as the traditional street number and zip code. This information is entered in the Credit […]

Customer account discount settings safeguards

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To prevent issues from competing customer account discounts, only one the following two discount options can be selected at a time. Min Balance for Discount When this option is selected, a customer is eligible for a statement discount when their balance is greater than the number you specify. Display Prompt Payment Discount After Balance is […]