Do It Best Rebate setup

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When a vendor offers rebates on their products through Do It Best (DIB), they send credit SKUs. For this KBA, we are using a promotion given by Scotts for their lawn care products. Figure 1 shows the rebates offered by Scotts (by month). Under the SKU column is the SKU that should be in the […]

Microsoft Excel ODBC Wizard

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Many software products that store data are Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC) compliant, allowing users to gain access to data contained in database tables. ODBC is a standard Application Programming Interface (API) for accessing disparate databases. When using ODBC, the user has the ability to access data from a number of different databases, including Firebird, […]

Benjamin Moore EDI

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This article provides the following instruction and information: How to send a purchase order to Benjamin Moore How to download and process EJD EDI files Note: After successfully downloading EDI, follow the steps in the following KBA to generate your bin tags or shelf tags: Batch and print EDI price changes on full sheet bin […]

BlockChyp: Store and Forward

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BlockChyp’s Store and Forward system allows clients to continue accepting credit cards on a restricted basis when the Internet is down or BlockChyp is unable to obtain online authorizations. Offline transactions are encrypted and stored in the BlockChyp terminal’s memory until normal processing can be resumed. BlockChyp Credit Card Processing Terminals can store up to […]


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This article provides instruction and information on the following: How to enable Signature required Specify a signer and PO number for all credit card purchases How to set up Paladin to optionally skip any required signature Skip signature dollar limit How to turn on the authorized signer options for all credit card purchases How to […]

End of Day reports

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There are two reports that Paladin recommends you run daily to help with your closing procedures: Today’s Register Balance Today’s Comparative Revenue Report Paladin also suggest you backup your database on a regular basis. For information on this, refer to: Backup and copy a Paladin database to a USB drive Today’s Register Balance In Paladin, […]

BlockChyp: Credit card reconciliation

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To maintain accurate accounting and to catch and fix problems before they affect your business and customer relationships, you must reconcile your Paladin, debit, gift, and credit card sales with your credit card processor’s records every business day. Important: BlockChyp accounts have their fees assessed at the end of a statement period. To reconcile Paladin […]

Guidelines to using SaferPayments for PCI compliance

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The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) aims to enhance security for consumers by setting guidelines for any company that accepts, stores, processes, or transmits credit card information regardless of the number of transactions or the size of those transactions. If a Paladin client uses WorldPay for their credit card processor, they will have […]

Store down emergencies

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If a store is experiencing the following, you can call about a Store Down emergency 24 hours a day, 365 days a year: Statements will not run/print EDI will not download into system/will not send to vendor Paladin will not open on any computer/terminal in the store Data can’t be replicated Credit cards are not […]

Accounts receivable and sales tax reporting

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Paladin Data Corp’s accounting calculations and reporting methods, including sales tax reporting, follow generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and are designed to reconcile all presented data. Understanding the timing of revenue recognition is key to understanding sales tax reporting in Paladin. Investopedia, a global corporate finance and accounting firm, provides the following summary of revenue […]

Admin Access level replaces Admin passwords

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Note: This feature does not apply to stores that use TranSentry credit card processing. Admin passwords are still required for those stores. This feature eliminates admin passwords. When an employee with Admin Access attempts to access a Paladin feature/setting that requires admin permission, they will have immediate access with no password required.  To set this […]

Personalize Paladin with your company name

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Note: This feature applies to single-store versions of Paladin. The multi-store version already has this feature In Paladin, your company name appears on the top ribbon, clearly visible to your customers, cashier, and anyone using Paladin. Figure 1: Company name on Paladin’s top ribbon To change the company name: In Paladin, from the main menu, […]

Credit cards and gift cards

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This article provides instruction and information on the following: How to add a credit card on file on Ingenico all-in-one credit card devices How to create the credit card deposit report How to create the Voided Credit Card Transaction report How to look for a failed VOID caused by a canceled payment card transaction How […]