How to view supplier warehouse SOH

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You can access stock on hand information your designated warehouse | distribution center in Paladin when ordering (PO module) or for an individual item (PO, Inventory and Invoice/Quote modules). This feature is available for these EDI suppliers: Ace, True Value, Do It Best, Orgill This article contains these two procedures: How to sort your purchase […]

Order Analyst: Create supplier POs for a suggested order or other PO in seconds

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Order Analyst—part of Paladin’s powerful Market-Driven Inventory Management system—helps automate your order process by instantly creating a suite of purchase orders by supplier from a single working purchase order. This time-saving feature is optional and will create purchase orders for different suppliers from a single purchase order created by any method, such as a suggested […]

How to create the Received Items Report

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The Received Items Report includes information about received items in the purchase order list. Open Paladin Point of Sale. On the top ribbon, click the P.O. module or press Alt+4. On the bottom ribbon, click Mode or press F5 to switch to Receive mode. On the bottom ribbon, click Find P.O. or press F6. Search for […]

How to create a pending purchase order from an imported file

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For each supplier, you can automatically import a list of items and create pending purchase orders for active inventory items.  Then, you can confirm, buy, and receive these purchase orders.  The purchase order import feature is useful for the following tasks: Automating the time-consuming task of manually updating inventory items that were received outside of the […]