How to upgrade from Firebird 2.5 to Firebird 3.0

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Note: Before installing Firebird 3.0, you need to backup your database; then, Firebird 2.5 needs to be uninstalled before Firebird 3.0 installation. Installation must be performed in the followed order: Backup the database Uninstall Firebird 2.5 Install Firebird 3.0 Restoring the database Backup the database Note: Paladin strongly recommends using FlameRobin to back up a […]

Credit Card Reconciliation: Best Practice

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Although electronic credit card processing systems are generally reliable, issues can and will occur.  To maintain accurate accounting and to catch and fix problems before they affect your business and customer relationships, you must reconcile your Paladin Point of Sale gift and credit card sales with your credit card processor’s records every business day.  This […]

About Trustwave

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Trustwave is a cybersecurity and managed security services provider through Worldpay that helps merchants maintain PCI compliance. To maintain PCI compliance, Trustwave customers must periodically fill out a questionnaire and may call with questions. How to contact Trustwave Trustwave Support: (800) 363-1621 How to handle client requests for help with Trustwave: If a client […]

About purchase plans for RF Units with option to return

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Paladin Data Corporation offers two RF unit purchase plans, both with an option to return the unit for partial credit: RF unit purchase plan RF kit (1 RF unit and RF base station) purchase plan Important notes about these plans: These plans are available to all stores. This IS NOT a rental program. Do not […]

EDI: Duplicate EDI invoice safeguard

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To ensure seamless EDI processing, Paladin is continually adding safeguards. One of these safeguards helps prevent invoices from being processed more than once. If an EDI invoice file is processed a second time, duplicate transactions may be created, and your stock on hand quantities may be adversely affected. To prevent this scenario, Paladin pauses EDI […]

Go live process in Paladin Point of Sale

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Download PDF 1. Sales When the client signs the Paladin Data Corporation purchase order and software agreement and sends the documents with a voided check to Paladin, the Go Live process begins. 2. Discovery When Paladin receives the signed documents and voided check, the administration department posts the upfront fee and sets up the monthly […]

EDI file system enhancements

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As part of ongoing EDI system upgrades, we’ve made the changes to how EDI files are stored on your computer. With this update, all unprocessed EDI files will remain in the EDI supplier’s main folder (C:PaladinPOSExport), and a copy of all processed files will be in the supplier’s backup folder (C:PaladinPOSExportbackup). Previously, processed and unprocessed […]

RF receiving for EDI suppliers

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Our RF Inbound Receiving feature lets you scan newly-received items from EDI suppliers and enter the received quantities on your RF unit. In Paladin, you can quickly reconcile the physically-received quantities with the corresponding EDI invoice quantities when the scanning process is complete. Before you reconcile, you can also make changes to the received quantities. […]

Reasonability Check

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To reduce the occurrence of erroneous entries made to an inventory item’s Avg Cost and/or its stock on hand quantities, a confirmation box will now appear requesting user approval to save an item anytime a value greater than 10,000 is present in either field. You may still have numbers greater than 10,000 in these fields; […]