Paladin Mobile2 app suite

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Paladin Mobile2 apps extend Paladin software features onto mobile platforms. Mobile2 apps work on most Android devices and are free to Paladin clients. Mobile apps sync with your Paladin database over the Internet using Wi-Fi or your cellular network. These apps must be set up by Paladin Support. To get started, email with your […]

Paladin Pilot

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Paladin Pilot lets you access Paladin terminals remotely from any where with an internet connection. This service provides you direct access to the Paladin terminals in your store as if you you were there in person.  Concerned about security? We’ve got you covered with two-step authentication using your smartphone.  Learn more about the benefits of […]

User’s Guide: Mobile2Checkout app

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The Mobile2Checkout app allows you to sell from anywhere with an internet connection. Available for any Android device, the app’s intuitive design and easy-to-learn interface lets you make sales and process returns. The app supports payment using cash and credit cards (WorldPay processing and uDynamo card reader required). New Mobile2Checkout features may require an app […]

How to view inventory on Paladin’s mobile access website

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To view inventory on Paladin’s mobile access website Go to Enter your email address and password. If you operate a multi-store, in the Select Store list, select your store. In the Inventory Lookup box, enter a part number, and then tap the magnifying glass. The following categories will appear: Quantity Sales Financial Costs & Prices Forecast […]

Requirements: Mobile2 applications

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Paladin designed its Mobile2 web applications for mobile devices. All Mobile 2 applications can be used interchangeably and can have the same username and password. IMPORTANT:  A Paladin technician must enable the applications for each store. The following applications can be set up on any mobile device that supports HTML5 and has a wireless invoice […]

Mobile2Deliver: How to view deliveries on a tablet or applet

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To view deliveries on a tablet or applet: Click the applet or go to Click MOBILE2DELIVER. In the Platforms box, and then click web. Enter your Email and Password credentials, and then click Login. Select the store. Select specific Trucks or All Trucks. You will see a list of deliveries for each Truck and Date. […]