BlockChyp’s Store and Forward system allows clients to continue accepting credit cards on a restricted basis when the Internet is down or BlockChyp is unable to obtain online authorizations. Offline transactions are encrypted and stored in the BlockChyp terminal’s memory until normal processing can be resumed. BlockChyp Credit Card Processing Terminals can store up to 100 offline transactions.

Important: There are risks associated with using Store and Forward:

  • Cards are NOT processed at the time of the transaction, just stored until the outage is resolved. When using Store and Forward, you are accepting the risk that some transactions may be declined once the device is online. Usually, there is no recourse in these situations; therefore, Store and Forward should be used carefully or not at all in industries with high decline rates.
  • Although BlockChyp devices can store up to 100 transactions while offline, this does not guarantee that the transactions will be saved. In the event of damage, or a fault in the internal storage of the credit card device, the transactions may be permanently lost.

  • While your store is offline and using Store and Forward, you will be unable to process returns.

To enable Store and Forward:

  1. Log in to the BlockChyp portal at
  2. Click on the Actions list and select Merchant Profile.
  3. In the Merchant Profile pane, select the Terminal Settings tab.
  4. Set the Store and Forward Floor Limit to your desired limit and click Submit.

Note: Your BlockChyp portal will now update your BlockChyp devices with the new settings. This process can take up to 30 minutes to complete, during which time you will be able to perform normal credit card processing.

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Printed on: 6/19/24