How to set up the FastBound Integration – Client process

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Perform the following steps as part of the FastBound integration setup process. This process can be time intensive. STEP F will likely take you the most time. Do not start these tasks until Paladin Support has instructed you to start. STEP A: In Paladin, set up acquisition and disposition (A&D) firearm inventory items STEP B: […]

User’s Guide: FastBound Integration

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Paladin integrates with FastBound so you can receive and sell firearms in Paladin while simultaneously updating FastBound. Learn more about the FastBound integration How to receive firearms in Paladin and automatically acquire them in FastBound How to sell a firearm in Paladin and automatically dispose of it in FastBound  How to add a firearm inventory item in Paladin  How to handle a transferred firearm that was purchased at another FFL How to add a firearm supplier […]

Triple E fuel system integration

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With Triple E Technologies integration, you can sell fuel at gas pumps that are outside of your store front. Triple E Technologies integration lets you manage your customers’ Triple E fuel purchases and fuel inventory all within Paladin. Powered by Paladin’s EDI feature, this integration does the following: Attaches Triple E invoices to Paladin customer […]

Pharmacy: How to set up Speed Script integration

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Notes: Speed Script must be on a Linux-based computer, and all Linux computers must be on the same network as Paladin terminals. Speed Script prints a barcode on the prescription label. Speed Script may have a bag label, but it cannot be scanned. Call Customer Support: 800-444-2765 or DJ (the Speed Script developer) only when necessary: 913-894-6414 (x 317). […]