Paladin Point of Sale is fully integrated with the Order System (AOS) to support “buy online, pick up in store” purchases. All in-store pick up transactions occur in AOS, and your Paladin Point of Sale database is updated automatically by Ace Hardware. In the Comparative Revenue reports, all in-store pick up transactions are recorded in Paladin Point of Sale and will appear separately.

How it works

Note: In Paladin Point of Sale, all processing steps to support AOS are performed automatically with no store interaction. The following information is provided solely as background and for your understanding.

Before an order is placed

When a customer searches for items online, the stock on hand for your store is always current because Paladin Point of Sale continuously updates Ace Hardware with your stock levels.

After an order is placed for pick up at your store

After a customer places an online order for pick up at your store, our AOS integration will automatically put the item on hold in Paladin Point of Sale.

In the pictured example, the On Hold viewer in the Inventory module shows that for item 1234, a quantity of 10 are on hold. The Ace Hardware In-Store Pick Up (ISPU) number in the Name value identifies this as an in store pick up order.  

Qty On Hold window with ISPU v2 item

In the Invoice/Quote module, on hold details also appear when you click Recall Transaction or press F6, and then select On Hold. The one hold details include the Ace Hardware in store pick up order number and additional Ace Hardware order numbers which appear in the Name and Memo columns.

ISPU v2 Transaction on hold

After the customer picks up the items

When a customer picks up their order, the store must enter the required information in AOS to confirm that the customer received the items. Then, in Paladin Point of Sale, this happens:

  • In the Inventory module, in the SOH History, an ON_HOLD entry appears to show that the items have been received and are no longer on hold.

    SOH History showing items on hold and then removed from on hold

  • In the Invoice/Quote module, when you click Recall Transaction or press F6, the order information no longer appears in the On Hold details section.
  • An invoice is created from the transaction information provided by AOS.
    AOS in store  pickup invoice

    The invoice is available in the Recent Sale History viewer for Cash Sale invoices. The employee name will be set to Paladin Batch.

    AOS transaction in the Recent Sales History
    Note: You can also access recent AOS invoices in the Invoice/Quote module, when you click Advanced Lookup or press F1, click the History tab, and then select Invoice Reprint.

  • In the Reports module, in Comparative Revenue reports, the AOS in store pick up transactions appear in the WEBSTORE category.
    Ace AOS (in store pickup) in Transaction Report
  • AOS in store pick up purchases will also appear in the Transaction Report.
     AOS in store pickup transaction in revenue report

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Printed on: 6/24/22