Paladin integrates with FastBound so you can receive and sell firearms in Paladin while simultaneously updating FastBound. Learn more about the FastBound integration

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How to receive firearms in Paladin and automatically acquire them in FastBound

When you receive firearms that are tracked in FastBound, Paladin will collect information for each firearm and automatically acquire it in FastBound. 

Note: This procedure assumes you have an open PO in Paladin for the received items.

  1. In the PO module, click Mode to change to PO Receive mode.
  2. Click Find PO and open the purchase order with the received firearms. 
  3. For each acquisition and disposition (A&D) firearm that is tracked in FastBound: 
    1. Enter the quantity received in the Receive column. 
    2. Right-click the line item and click Add Serial #. 
    3. Enter the serial numbers for the received items and then click Finish or press F12. 

      FastBound screenshot 1

  4. Enter the received quantities for the other items. 
  5. Click Process twice. 
  6. When prompted, enter the acquisition details for each received firearm by serial number. Required values have a red asterisk (*). 
    NoteMany values have lists that are pre-populated with values from FastBound. For consistency, look for the value in the list. If needed, you can enter new values for some firearm details, such as Caliber.

    FastBound Screenshot 2

  7. Each time you enter the details for a firearm and click OK, that firearm is automatically acquired in FastBound.

    FastBound Screenshot 3

How to sell a firearm in Paladin and automatically dispose of it in FastBound

When you sell a firearm, Paladin collects disposition information for each firearm sold and automatically disposes it in FastBound, unless there is a waiting period 

  1. In the Invoice/Quote module, add the firearm item. 
  2. When prompted, select the serial number. 
    NoteYou can add additional items as well as background check fees, etc. to the invoice. 

    FastBound Screenshot 4

  3. When the payment has been made, you are prompted to enter disposition details for each firearm sold. You can also associate an electronic 4473 and enter a Transferor’s Transaction Serial Number
    (TTSN) or Other Transaction Serial Number (OTSN). Note: OTSN is only applicable to the state of California.
  4. If you need to add a new contact, click New Contact.

    Collect FastBound disposition details

  5. After the you enter a firearm’s disposition details, the firearm will be automatically disposed of in Paladin, unless there is a waiting period. If you are set up to choose whether to dispose now or wait (integration setting), another window will appear and ask if you want to dispose immediately or manually dispose later.

    Note: If a waiting period is required or you choose to defer, you must manually dispose of the item in FastBound when the customer picks up the firearm. 

    FastBound Screenshot 6

How to add a firearm inventory item in Paladin

  1. Open the Inventory module and click Add Item or press F2. 
  2. Enter these values, and then click Add or press F12. 

    For this value 

    Enter this 

    Part # 

    Part number 

    Alt Part # (optional) 

    UPC or other alternate part number 


    Short description 


    Supplier cost 

    Sell Price 

    Sale price 


    0 (zero) 

    NoteIf you have non-zero inventory, use the PO module to receive the items.   


    Select the firearms department 

    FastBound Screenshot 12

  3. Click the General tab. 
  4. In the Class pane, select the designated A&D firearms class. You can select this class in any of the three Class columns.

    ImportantThis class must match the designated Firearms Class in your FastBound settings. To view it, on the File menu, click Setupand then click the Firearms tab. The Firearms Class is the first setting. 

  5. In the Item Information pane (gray title bar), select the Serial# checkbox to turn on serialization for this item 
  6. Click Save to update the item.

How to handle a transferred firearm that was purchased at another FFL 

When a firearm that was purchases through another FFL or online is transferred to your store for pick up, it is not a sale for your store. Therefore, we recommend that you acquire and dispose of the transferred firearms in FastBound directly. Transfer fees or other charges are still processed in Paladin.  

  1. Sign in to the FastBound website. 
  2. Create a contact for the entity that sold and transferred the firearm, if it does not exist. 
  3. Acquire the firearm in the FastBound website. 
  4. Have the person receiving the firearm fill out a 4473, if required. 
  5. Dispose of the firearm in the FastBound website. 
  6. If you need to collect a fee, in Paladin, add the fee to an invoice and process the payment. 

How to add a firearm supplier

Important: A Paladin supplier is required to create purchase order and receive firearms in Paladin. The following steps show this process. However, the supplier you create in Paladin is not connected to a FastBound contact. To acquire firearms through Paladin, the supplier must appear as a contact in FastBound before you start the receiving process in Paladin. 

  1. In Paladin, go to File > Setup > Suppliers tab. 
  2. In the Suppliers pane, click New. 
  3. Enter the supplier Name. 
  4. Enter an unused Supplier Number. 
  5. Optional: Enter additional supplier details. 
  6. Click Save 

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Printed on: 6/29/22