eCommerce with United Hardware

United Hardware has partnered with Ignitiv, a leading eCommerce agency. Ignitiv provides United Hardware with a state-of-the-art eCommerce solution powered by Kibo Commerce’s Unified Commerce platform. United Hardware uses eCommerce as a driver for business growth and enhancement of customer experience. With United eCommerce integration, customers get rich product information and can check for product availability. Store managers get the flexibility to communicate their offers and promotions.

Flexibility to communicate offers and promotions

After all synchronization is complete, inventory data will be updated on their webstore every 24 hours.

At a press of a button, Paladin clients can also manually upload their stock on hand and/or their full pricing.

Contact Ignitiv for their webstore development cost.

Contact Paladin Support for United Hardware integration with Paladin cost.

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Printed on: 11/28/23