Order Analyst—part of Paladin’s powerful Market-Driven Inventory Management system—helps automate your order process by instantly creating a suite of purchase orders by supplier from a single working purchase order.

Diagram showing Order Analyst splitting a PO into supplier POs.

This time-saving feature is optional and will create purchase orders for different suppliers from a single purchase order created by any method, such as a suggested order report, RF unit ordering session or other process.

How it works

Note: Order Analyst features are turned on automatically for your store and are optional.

Instantly create a suite of supplier purchase orders from a single purchase order

In the PO module, when you recall (open) a purchase order without a selected supplier, a Split Purchase Order window will appear.

Window asking if you want to create supplier purchase orders

Note: This window will appear every time you recall the purchase order, so you do not have to click Yes until you are ready. The comment about creating a purchase based on the lowest supplier cost only applies if you use multiple EDI suppliers. 

When you click Yes, Order Analyst will instantly create a suite of purchase orders for the open purchase order based on each item’s primary supplier and market cost. The original purchase order is not deleted or changed.

Screenshots or original and supplier POs

After the individual supplier purchase orders are created, a completion message will appear, and the original and new purchase order names will have the prefix Split.

Recall PO window with supplier POs and prefix Split in name

Note: In the Inventory module, on the Order Control tab, Supplier 1 is the item’s primary supplier. On the Pricing tab, the item’s market cost is the Mkt value. 

Tip Paladin clients have continually demonstrated success in increasing profits and reducing wasted dollars when they use our built-in suggested order system, available to stores at no extra cost. This business-building feature uses Paladin’s Market-Driven Inventory Management technology to predict optimal order items and quantities. We secure this critical business intelligence by continuously analyzing your store’s sales and other data in the background as you process purchases, add inventory and perform other store activities.

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Printed on: 6/28/22