United Hardware: Market Promo ordering system

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Note: This feature only applies to stores that use United Hardware as an EDI supplier. This article provides instruction and information on the following:  Overview United Hardware Market Promo ordering system Overview The United Hardware Market Promo ordering system condenses the large comprehensive United Hardware Market Promo price list into a short summary, customized for the […]

Verify a prior nightly upload

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To verify a prior nightly upload occurred: In Paladin, from the top menu, select Maintain > Data Viewer. In the Data Viewer window, click the Rewards tab. In the Starting box, verify the date: Today’s Date indicates that the previous nightly upload was successful. Yesterday’s Date indicates that the previous nightly upload did not occur. […]

Invoice Cancelled Report

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Paladin keeps a history of invoices that are cancelled during checkout before a receipt is printed. This cancelled invoice information is available as a report that opens in Microsoft Excel. Figure 1 shows a sample report.  Figure 1: Invoice Cancelled report information  Note: To create this report, Microsoft Excel 2007 or later must be installed […]

DataWise™: Access sales information

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DataWise™ creates a secure off-site backup of the point of sale data you use to run your business. The process takes place automatically on an hourly basis. Nothing to remember or forget. If your data is lost due to fire, theft, or catastrophic computer failure, a call to Paladin’s customer support team will get your […]

Edit Supplier information

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To edit Supplier information: In Paladin, on the top ribbon, select the Inventory module. Enter the part number in the Part # box, then press Enter. Select the Order Control tab. In the Suppliers pane, click in a Supplier field or an Order # field. In the Edit Suppliers window, select a supplier from the […]

Paladin Service: Data validation

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Paladin contains a server-based service that is always running. One of the service’s many tasks is to perform a full data validation function every night. In user triggered events, such as EDI processing, Paladin only runs the full data validation system IF the previous validation is older than 20 hours. In most cases, Paladin automatically […]

Ace Hardware: Ace Buyback

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Paladin supports and drives the Ace Buyback function. To use this feature, an input file must be acquired from Acenet. To do this: Go to Acenet.aceservices.com and sign in. On the top ribbon of the Acenet Home page, to the right of Quick Links, click Analytics Dashboard. This opens the ACE Enterprise Reporting window. Open […]