Right-click a purchase order line item to get immediate access to these commonly used tasks and tools.

Menu options when you create a PO

Select this menu option

To do this

Insert Line Item

Insert a blank line item above the selected line item.  

Benefit:  Insert a line-item anywhere in the invoice.

Delete Line Item

Delete the selected line item.

Benefit: With this menu option, you have a third way to delete a line item. You can also click Delete Item on the bottom ribbon or press F3.

Insert Note

Insert a blank note above the selected item.

Benefit: Insert a note anywhere in the invoice.

Add Precision

Add a more precise line item quantity (up to four decimal places) and price (up to six decimal places) in the Add Precision window.

Benefit: Provide high precision values for items that do not come in whole quantities, such as grains, seed, and gravel.  In the Add Precision window, you can enter changes to Quantity and Price.  When you do so, the calculated real-time Extension value will appear.


This feature is not currently available.


Menu options when you receive a PO

Select this menu option

To do this

Update PO Order Quantity and Cost

Update quantity and cost without receiving any items in the Update Purchase Order window.

Benefit: Modify the received quantity and cost without receiving the purchase order.

Copy and Paste

You can copy and paste editable information.

Benefit:  Cut and paste notes or other editable values within the invoice.

Note:  You can press Ctrl + C or Ctrl + V instead of selecting Copy or Paste.

Add Serial #

Opens the Add/Remove Serial Numbers window so you can record the serial numbers for received items.

Find Next Serial # Warning

Moves to the next PO item that needs serial numbers.

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Printed on: 6/29/22