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Release Release guide Release build 2021-E Paladin 2021-E Release Guide  4607.2 2021-D Paladin 2021-D Release Guide 4520.3 2021-C Paladin 2021-C Release Guide 4436.4 2021-B Paladin 2021-B Release Guide 4326.6 2021-A Paladin 2021-A Release Guide 4247.9

How to create Benjamin Moore OSR and CCP reports

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If you participate in Benjamin Moore OSR (Outside Sale Rep) or CCP (Contractor & Commercial Pricing) programs, Paladin can create the reports required by Benjamin Moore. Important notes: If you use the OSR program, you must perform some initial setup steps (see procedure below). If you are only enrolled in the CCP program, there is […]

User’s Guide: Tax Holiday

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A tax holiday is a time period during which some items are sold tax-free or partially tax-free. For example, during a tax holiday, customers may be able to purchase outdoor recreation items or school supplies and not pay sales tax. Or customers may be able to purchase some more expensive items, such as a $400 […]

Troubleshooting: Accounting integrations

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ISSUE: Received inventory in Paladin did not create a vendor bill in the accounting software TRY: Check for receive POs that were scheduled for transfer but are still waiting to be uploaded. On a store terminal, in Paladin, on the Maintain menu, click Data Viewer. Click the Accounting Uploads tab.  Adjust the time period to […]

How to set up percentage discount for a customer

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This procedure shows you how to apply an overall percentage discount to a customer’s statement balance. You can also set up trade discounts that can be limited to specific departments or classes and that are also applied to individual customers. Trade discounts are applied at checkout. To learn more, see How to set up and […]

How to set up and apply trade discounts for customers

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Trade discounts give your best customers a discount on their monthly statement. Trade discounts are set up as pricing plans. This allows you to selectively discount specific departments or classes and require that the discount meets the minimum margin for each item. You can create multiple trade discounts and selectively apply them to each customer […]

Paladin General Ledger (GL) categories

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You can export general ledger data from Paladin to your accounting software. This export can be done automatically by using an Paladin accounting integration for QuickBooks, Sage 50cloud or Microsoft Dynamics GP, or you can do it manually .  This article defines the Paladin general ledger data categories. To learn how to export this data […]

About Trustwave

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Trustwave is a cybersecurity and managed security services provider through Worldpay that helps merchants maintain PCI compliance. To maintain PCI compliance, Trustwave customers must periodically fill out a questionnaire and may call with questions. How to contact Trustwave Trustwave Support: (800) 363-1621 https://www.trustwave.com/ How to handle client requests for help with Trustwave: If a client […]

User’s Guide: Point of Rental Essentials integration

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This guide is for clients that use the Paladin integration with Point of Rental Essentials to process rental payments. Learn more about this integration. If you need to set up the Paladin integration with Point of Rental Essentials or have more questions about the integration, contact Paladin Support. For help with Point of Rental Essentials, […]

Accounts receivable and sales tax reporting

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Paladin Data Corp’s accounting calculations and reporting methods—including sales tax reporting—follow generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and are designed to reconcile all presented data. Understanding the timing of revenue recognition is key to understanding sales tax reporting in Paladin Point of Sale. Investopedia, a global corporate finance and accounting firm, provides the following summary of […]

How to view revenue by customer type in the Comparative Revenue Reports

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Tip To accurately show revenue distribution, set the customer type for each customer account before you run the report.  Open the Reports Go to Sales Analysis > Revenue, and select one of the comparative revenue reports: Today’s Comparative Revenue Report Yesterday’s Comparative Revenue Report Period Comparative Revenue Report Click Next or press F12. In the […]