The Pick List report provides a list of outstanding order items sorted by order in Excel. Order item details include unsold item quantities, prices and more. Provide this list to your fulfillment department or use it for easy reference.  

Tip To learn more about orders in Paladin, see Overview: Turn quotes into orders with Order Manager

  1. Open the Invoice/Quote module.
  2. Optional: If you only want to show outstanding order items for a specific customer, select In the Customer list, select the customer.
  3. Click Recall Transaction.
  4. Select Quote – Order
  5. To show a list of all customer orders, select Show for all customers.
  6. Click Pick List. An Excel spreadsheet will open with details for order items that have unsold quantities. If the spreadsheet doesn’t open automatically, look for the  Excel icon on your Windows taskbar. 

Pick List button on Recall Transaction window

Pick List option in the Recall Transaction window

Pick List Report Example

Pick List worksheet example

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Printed on: 5/23/22