You can create a series of incremental unique alternate part numbers, starting with X00001 and incrementing by 1 (X00002, X00003, and so on) when you manually add an inventory item or create inventory items using the Data Viewer inventory upload feature. All alternate IDs will start with X and increment by one each time. They will never be reused.

This feature is turned on by default, but is optional to use.

Using the Add Item [F2] feature in the Inventory module

  1. Open the Inventory module.
  2. Click Add Item or press F2.
  3. Fill out the inventory item details, leaving the Alt Part # box blank.
  4. Click Next X # to add the unique incremental part number.
  5. Click Add or press F12.

    Add Item Next X button

Using the Data Viewer Import feature

  1. Create the file of items to import. For details, see How to import inventory data into a Paladin Point of Sale database
  2. On the Maintain menu, click Data Viewer.
  3. Click the Inventory tab, and then click the Import subtab.
  4. Click Load File and select the file of items to upload.
  5. Select X Alt Part Number Sequence. Unique incremental part numbers will be added automatically when the item is imported.
  6. Click Import.

Data Viewer Import create X # alt parts

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Printed on: 6/29/22