This procedure creates a custom “stock” entry in the TSC TDP-226 printing preferences for the Item Tag #18 that is shaped like a barbell (see LTSR catalog for labels, tags, signs, and reports for details). In Paladin, this tag has this label: Item Tag #18 – Bar Bell Style

  1. On the computer that is connected to the TSC TDP-255, open the Control Panel. To find it quickly, click the Windows icon (Start) and start typing: Control Panel.
  2. Click View devices and printers. A window will appear with your devices and printers.

    Control panel printers

  3. Right-click the TSC TDP-225 printer and select Printer Properties.
  4. In the TSC TDP-225 Properties window, click Preferences.

    Printer properties window

  5. In the Printer Preferences window, click the Stock tab.
  6. Click New.
  7. In the Edit Stock window, enter these details, which also appear in the image:
    • Stock:
      • Name: Bar Bell Item Tags (suggestion)
      • Type: Die-Cut Labels
    • Label Size:
      • Width: 2.18 in
      • Height: 0.5 in
    • Exposed Liner Widths
      • Left: 0.06 in
      • Right: 0.06 in

        Stock parameters

  8. Click OK and then click Apply in the Printer Preferences window.
  9. The new stock item will appear on the Page Setup tab. Click OK to close the window.

    Stock item created

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Printed on: 6/28/22