Invoice prints faster at checkout

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Build: 9518 Build date: 24-Nov-15 We’ve reduced the time it takes to print a receipt during checkout. Previously, a slight delay may have occurred while the cash drawer opened and Watcher Total Protection video security system data was transmitted (for customers who...

Yard Orders

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Build:  8438-3 Date:  02-Sep-14 Yard Orders now respect the “Invoice / Receipt Hide Customer Info” and “Invoice / Receipt Hide Customer Name” settings found and managed in File – Setup – Forms – Forms Information group box.

Recurring Invoice Importer

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Build:  7982 Date: 21-Jan-14 Following several months testing of Paladin POS’s new recurring billing system, we have added a “Pause / Resume” button to suspend and restart processing of your recurring billing list.  From our use of the new feature it appears a feature...

New Invoice Email Feature

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Build: 7154.1 Date: 06-Nov-12 Your Customer Friendly Sales History Viewer (in the Customers section, Credit tab) has a new email feature. You may now directly email invoices from this screen without having to ‘restore’ them to a PDF document first. Simply highlight...