Invoice: Incomplete and Remove Item messages

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When creating invoices, there are two safeguard message to ensure you do not lose information: Remove Item warning Incomplete Invoice warning Remove Item warning message The Remove Item warning message is triggered when you remove a line item from an invoice. A popup window opens asking if this is what you want to do. A […]

About Paladin Releases

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Release Release guide Release build 2021-E Paladin 2021-E Release Guide  4607.2 2021-D Paladin 2021-D Release Guide 4520.3 2021-C Paladin 2021-C Release Guide 4436.4 2021-B Paladin 2021-B Release Guide 4326.6 2021-A Paladin 2021-A Release Guide 4247.9

How to search the Knowledge Base library

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In Paladin’s Help Portal (, the Knowledge Base library provides articles (KBAs) on all of Paladin’s features and functions. Most articles are “Public” facing, but there are also “Internal” articles for Paladin support only. If you are looking for information and cannot find a KBA, contact Paladin support for their assistance. To search the Knowledge […]

Export department list into Excel

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You can export a list of department information into an Excel spreadsheet with the following columns: Department name Store # Store Dept Non-Taxable State Non-Taxable County Non-Taxable City Non-Taxable PO System Number-of-Days % Suggested Min Factor % Minimum Margin % To export the department list into an Excel file: In Paladin, from the main menu, […]

How to provide access to the Customer portal

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There are instances where cashiers and customer service personnel have not been provided with your store’s access credentials to use the Paladin Customer Portal on The customer portal has several valuable tools that can benefit every member of your staff. Employees can watch training videos, research a how-to issue from our knowledge base, or […]