Right-click any line item on an invoice  to get immediate access to these commonly-used tasks and tools.

Select this menu option

To do this

Insert Line Item

Insert a blank line item above the selected line item.  

Benefit:  Insert a line-item anywhere in the invoice.

Delete Line Item

Delete the selected line item.

Benefit: With this menu option, you have a third way to delete a line item. You can also click Delete Item on the bottom ribbon or press F3.

Insert Note

Insert a blank note above the selected item.

Benefit: Insert a note anywhere in the invoice.

Add Precision

Add a more precise line item quantity (up to four decimal places) and price (up to six decimal places) in the Add Precision window.

Benefit: Provide high precision values for items that do not come in whole quantities, such as grains, seed, and gravel.  In the Invoice Item Scale window, you can enter changes to Quantity and Price.  When you do so, the calculated real-time Extension value will appear.

Profit Analyst

View the real-time cost, profit, and margin statistics for the selected line item and total invoice in the Profit Analyst window.

Note: This feature is only available to employees who have been explicitly granted access.

Benefit: This tool gives you real-time cost, profit, and margin statistics.

Footage Calculator

Open the Footage Calculator (tally calculator) to specify quantities and lengths (feet and inches) for items.

Benefit: This tool is useful when you sell in different lengths, such as lumber, wire, and rolled metal roofing.

Square Footage Calculator

Open the Square Footage Calculator (tally calculator) to specify quantities and lengths and widths (feet and inches) for items.

Benefit: This tool is useful when you sell items by the square foot, such as flooring.

Insert Subtotal

Insert a subtotal above the line item. The subtotal is calculated from the previous subtotal. If no prior subtotal exists, the subtotal is calculated from the start of the invoice. 

Benefit: Automatically calculate a subtotal for items, and enter a Subtotal Name, such as Paint supplies. When you add or remove items, the subtotal will be automatically adjusted.

Update to Current Price

Update the selected line item price on a recalled quote to the current retail price.

Tip If the quote price is different from the current retail price, the per unit price appears in blue text.

Benefit: If a price change occurred, the retail price will be automatically updated.

Update All to Current Prices

Update all prices on a recalled quote to current retail prices. 

Benefit: If a price change occurred, the retail prices will be automatically updated.


Search Invoice / Quote


Search for a part number, description or note on an invoice using a keyword or phrase.

Benefit: Quickly locate items or notes on long invoices.

Add Serial #

Opens the Add/Remove Serial Numbers window so you can select the serial numbers the serialized items.

Benefit: Get quick access to all recorded serial numbers for an item.

Find Next Serial # Warning

Moves to the next invoice item that needs serial numbers.

Benefit: Easily find all items that require serial number selection on an invoice.

Weigh Item

Opens the Weigh Item window to weigh an item on a supported scale.

Copy and paste

You can copy and paste editable information in these quick-access menus:

  • Invoice/Quote tab
  • PO mode
  • PO Receive mode

Benefit:  Cut and paste notes or other editable values within the invoice.

Note:  You can press Ctrl + C or Ctrl + V instead of selecting Copy or Paste.


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Printed on: 10/05/22