SpeedScript support for the Enhanced Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (ePDMP)

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Note: This feature is only available for SpeedScript pharmacy integration. Wisconsin’s ePDMP (Enhanced Prescription Drug Monitoring Program) for Pharmacy requires additional information about the person picking up a controlled substance prescription. To support this requirement, in Paladin, in the Controlled Substance window that collects information about the person picking up the prescription, the Relationship of […]

Pharmacy: Consultation signatures

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When this feature is set up, sales representatives can identify the status of a pharmacy consultation provided to a customer. The status will be a permanent record on the customer invoice, the pharmacist’s employee record, and in the store’s data. Paladin will associate the pharmacist’s signature with the consultation results. When a Transaction Report is […]

Pharmacy: Communication alert

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Note: This feature applies to pharmacies that use a Paladin pharmacy system integration. Paladin’s pharmacy integrations are designed to work seamlessly with a store’s pharmacy systems behind the scenes. However, occasionally communications are interrupted by Internet outages or for other reasons.  If your store uses a pharmacy integration, a new message will notify you when […]

Pharmacy: Simultaneous support for multiple Rx systems

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Pharmacies that use more than one dispensing system gain greater efficiency and enhanced customer service with Paladin’s support for simultaneous multiple pharmacy integration. This powerful enhancement automates the exchange of customer and Rx information between multiple pharmacy systems and Paladin including customer rewards and address information. How it works When this feature is set up, […]

Pharmacy: How to set up the bag checkout feature

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To set up the bag checkout feature: Note: To save time for a customer during checkout, you can use one barcode to scan all items as you put them in the bag(s) and have them simultaneously appear on the invoice. In Paladin, from the main menu, select File > Setup. Select the Pharmacy tab. Check […]

Pharmacy: How to set the NPLEx system

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Important: Before a pharmacy can be converted, it must comply with state and federal laws for tracking pseudoephedrine (PSE) through the National Precursor Log Exchange (NPLEx). The pharmacy must go to Meth Check to register, acquire its two-year history of tracking pseudoephedrine (PSE) prescriptions, and provide that history to Paladin Data Corporation for use in Paladin […]

SIGIS EPL file update frequency

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Paladin checks for a new Eligible Product List (EPL) from SIGIS every 14 days.  If an Internet connection or other issues prevent an EPL update for 24 or more days, the following message appears when you start Paladin and will specify the number of days since the last SIGIS EPL update. Figure 1: Alert window/SIGIS […]

Pharmacy: SIGIS downloads

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Pharmacies that accept Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA) payment cards must be registered members of the Special Interest Group for IIAS Standards (SIGIS). For SIGIS member pharmacies, Paladin checks the age of the Eligible Product List (EPL) weekly and downloads an EPL from SIGIS when the current EPL is more than […]

Pharmacy: Complete pickup number option

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When the following pharmacy configuration settings are selected, pharmacy invoice transaction data includes the complete pickup number when the data is uploaded to the pharmacy dispensing system: Enable Send Full Invoice Use only last 4 digits of pickup number The customer receipt will continue to show only the last 4 digits of the pickup number. […]

Pharmacy: Prescription pick-up name confirmation

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Pharmacists recognize the critical importance of providing the correct prescription to the correct person. Paladin provides a feature that adds an additional safety net to the already stringent controls utilized by pharmacies. Considering most pharmacies allow one family member to pick up medications for the entire family, your sales team is familiar with the invoice’s […]

Pharmacy: Controlled substance management

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Some states have State-level regulations in place that require detailed information be collected on individuals picking up Class II through Class IV controlled substances. Should your business reside in one of these states, Paladin has a solution. All pharmaceutical dispensing systems that have bi-directional integration with Paladin may use the feature. Paladin requests and requires […]

Pharmacy: How to set SIGIS automation

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Paladin automates the previously manual task of downloading and processing monthly IRS approved lists of FSA/HSA eligible products. Store-specific data must be entered into Paladin in order for the automated download and processing system to work. To enter store-specific data: In Paladin, from the main menu, select File > Setup. Select the Pharmacy tab. Check […]

Pharmacy: How to set Pharmacist Consultation

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Pharmacists can record a signature in Paladin that is tied to their employee record. Anytime a pharmacy consultation is accepted or declined by the customer, the salesperson may identify the pharmacist assisting the customer, and Paladin automatically associates the pharmacist’s signature with the consultation results. Results are very easy to monitor or prove to auditing […]