When the following pharmacy configuration settings are selected, pharmacy invoice transaction data includes the complete pickup number when the data is uploaded to the pharmacy dispensing system:

  • Enable Send Full Invoice
  • Use only last 4 digits of pickup number

The customer receipt will continue to show only the last 4 digits of the pickup number.

To enable this:

  1. In Paladin, from the main menu, select File > Setup.
  2. Select the Pharmacy tab.
  3. Check Enable Pharmacy Features.
  4. In a Pharmacy Web Service Integration pane (there are three available), check Enable Send Full Invoice. With this option selected, invoice transaction details are uploaded to the pharmacy’s dispensing system.
  5. In the Pharmacy UPC pane, check Use only last 4 digits of pickup number. With this option selected, only the last 4 digits are printed on the customer’s receipt.

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Printed on: 12/07/22