Simplify the complicated process of selling firearms with Paladin and FastBound.

FastBound’s FFL web platform and software provides guaranteed compliance for firearm acquisition and disposition (A&D), an electronic bound book, as well as an electronic 4473 form.

Our integration with FastBound lets you receive and sell firearms in Paladin while simultaneously updating FastBound A&D data and your electronic bound book.

All A&D information, including contacts and firearm details, are maintained solely in FastBound. Paladin retrieves portions of this data, temporarily, when it collects A&D information.

Acquire firearms automatically when you receive firearms in Paladin

When you receive a purchase order with firearms, Paladin collects acquisition information, including serial numbers and firearm details, and then shares this data with FastBound to acquire the items in an electronic bound book.

Paladin retrieves FFL/firearm contacts and lists of common firearm values from FastBound, such as firearm type, model and caliber, to populate the acquisition details form.

Dispose a firearm automatically when you complete the sale in Paladin

When you sell a firearm, Paladin retrieves the firearm details from FastBound, as well as a list of contacts and the 4473 electronic form data (when available). Paladin can also collect information to create a new contact in FastBound.

When the required disposition information is entered and the sale is complete, Paladin sends the information to FastBound and the firearm is disposed of automatically (unless the location requires a waiting period).

Integration Cost*

  • One-time setup fee: $249
  • Monthly subscription: $29

*FastBound subscription sold separately.


  • Paladin Point of Sale subscription
  • FastBound subscription

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Printed on: 6/24/22