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The Point of Rental Essentials cloud-based solution lets you easily track and maintain your rental inventory while providing a great customer rental experience.

When its time to collect payment, simply scan the contract in Paladin and process the rental payment. The connection is seamless and you maintain your store accounting and tax calculations in one place.

To learn more and get started, contact Paladin Support.

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Process rental payments seamlessly in Paladin

When you scan a rental contract barcode in Paladin, the rental customer and a rental line item with the amount due from Point of Rental Essentials appear on the invoice. Paladin calculates the sales tax, processes the rental payment and notifies Point of Rental Essentials.

Payments are accepted for rentals that are in the Reservation, Order or Received states in Point of Rental Essentials. Rental contracts in the Received state are automatically closed when they are paid in full.

Refunds, such as a damage waiver fee reimbursement, can be removed from the contract and refunded before the contract is closed.

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Create customers and associate additional rentals

Customer accounts are created in Paladin from rental details. Subsequent rentals from the same customer are associated with the same Paladin account.


  • Point of Rental Essentials subscription
  • Paladin Point of Sale subscription
  • An available tax setting in Paladin (for locations that incur a rental tax)*

*If all three Paladin tax categories are in use, we recommend Avalara AvaTax for tax compliance. For more information, contact Paladin Support.

Integration Cost*

One-time setup fee: $249
Monthly subscription: $29

*Point of Rental Essentials must be purchased separately

Watch our webinar on Integrating Paladin with Point of Rental

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Printed on: 5/18/22