How to create a Facebook page for your business

Knowledge Base, Setup

To create a Facebook business page, you must be logged in to your personal Facebook account. Log in now, if you aren’t already. Step 1: Sign up First, go to Click Get Started for a Business or Brand. Next, enter your business information. For Page name, use your business name or the name people are likely […]

How to auto-print yard orders

Knowledge Base, Setup

How to auto-print yard orders Open File > Setup > Invoice (Store) tab.  In the Invoice pane, select Filter Yard Order Printing by Inventory, and then select Auto Print Yard Orders. Click Save. 

How to set up department groups for the Comparative Revenue Report

Knowledge Base, Setup

When you assign department groups. the Comparative Revenue report (Excel version) will automatically create individual worksheets for those specified groups. It is not necessary to assign every department to a group.  Decide how you want to group your departments. Each group will need an integer group ID. Integers can be simply 1, 2, 3, etc. You do […]

How to create a custom BOGO sale

Knowledge Base, Setup

Note: To create a customer BOGO promotion using the Paladin Point of Sale BOGO designer, you must have access to the Paladin Configuration window.  To access this window, in Paladin go to File > Setup. Decide which type of BOGO sale you want to create. There are three options: This BOGO type Offers this promotion […]

How to give an employee access to the Profit Analyst

Knowledge Base, Setup

IMPORTANT:  Only people with explicit access to employee information can give an employee access to the Profit Analyst. On the File menu, click Setup. On the Employees tab, highlight the employee that needs access. In the Access Level pane, click to select the Profit Analyst check box. Click Save. Learn more:  How to set up employee permissions

How to allow changes to a special order

Knowledge Base, Setup

On the File menu, click Setup. Click the Company tab. In the Special Orders pane, select the Allow Special Orders to Be Edited checkbox. Click Save, and then click Close. Important:  Before you edit a special order, be aware of the following: If you modify a special order item price or quantity, or make other […]

EDI: How to set up RF Inbound Receiving for EDI suppliers

EDI, Knowledge Base, Setup

Open Paladin Point of Sale. On the File menu, click Setup. In the Paladin Configuration window, click the Company tab. In the RF Terminals pane, select the Enable Inbound Receiving checkbox. Click Save, and then click Close. When you have this feature set up, refer to this KBA:  EDI:  How to process an EDI supplier […]

How to manage obscure inventory access for a supplier

Knowledge Base, Setup

Many suppliers provide an all-item catalog that can be imported into Paladin Point of Sale using an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) process. Catalog items that are not in active inventory are called obscure inventory items. If your store is set up with EDI, you can follow these steps:  On the File menu, click Setup. Click […]

How to change the dates for Ace Hardware Dynamic Promotions

Knowledge Base, Setup

IMPORTANT:  This feature only applies to Ace Hardware stores. When Ace Hardware Dynamic Promotions are set up in Paladin Point of Sale, the promotion sale dates are specified in two ways: In the pricing plan Individually for each item in all sale lists that are included in the pricing plan Tip:  Sales list item dates, when […]

How to set the initial sort order for recalled transactions

Knowledge Base, Setup

In the Recall Transaction window, you can choose how quotes (and other recalled transactions) are initially sorted: By date from newest to oldest (This is the default.) Alphabetically by name On the File menu, click Setup. In the Paladin Configuration window, click the Invoice (Store) tab. In the Invoices pane, in the Recall Transaction Default Sort […]

How to access the delivery scheduling settings

Invoice/Quote, Knowledge Base, Setup

Streamline the delivery scheduling system for your store with Paladin Configuration settings that simplify the delivery process and reduce the steps for scheduling, coordinating, and fulfilling deliveries.  In the Invoice/Quote module, the Schedule Delivery feature is on the Checkout tab, where the customer payment must be processed before the delivery details will be scheduled.  With […]