How to select a printer from an RF terminal


Paladin lets you choose a different printer each time you login to an RF terminal. With this, you can mix-and-match RF terminals and RF printers in your store. Once printers are assigned to an RF terminal, you can select a printer when you login to an RF terminal. If you only have one printer, it […]

How to hide retail in a PO on RF terminal

Inventory, Invoice/Quote, Knowledge Base, Process

Paladin supports a request to turn off business intelligence data during manual purchase order creation in RF Remote Terminals. If your store does not need to confirm the retail price in inventory matches the retail price on a bintag scanned, you may turn off display of this information during PO creation. To perform this: In […]

How to delete (inactivate) an inventory item

Inventory, Knowledge Base, Process

In Paladin, you can delete an inventory item. When an inventory item is “deleted”, it is not permanently deleted; it is just put in an inactive state. The inventory item can be restored/activated. Note: To restore/activate an inventory item, see How to restore/activate an inventory item To delete/inactivate an inventory item: In Paladin, on the […]

How to restore/activate a customer account

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To recall/activate a customer account that has been “deleted” perform the following: In Paladin, on the top ribbon, select the Customers module. On the bottom ribbon, select F1 Advanced Lookup. In the Advanced Lookup window, in the Keyword Search box, enter the customer’s name. Click Find >>. You will notice that the when the customer […]

How to upgrade from Firebird 2.5 to Firebird 3.0

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Note: Before installing Firebird 3.0, you need to backup your database; then, Firebird 2.5 needs to be uninstalled before Firebird 3.0 installation. Installation must be performed in the followed order: Backup the database Uninstall Firebird 2.5 Install Firebird 3.0 Restoring the database Backup the database Note: Paladin strongly recommends using FlameRobin to back up a […]

Store down emergencies

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If a store is experiencing the following, you can call about a Store Down emergency 24 hours a day and 365 days a year: Statements will not run / print EDI will not download into system / will not send to vendor Paladin will not open on any computer in the store Data can’t be […]

Credit Card Reconciliation: Best Practice

Best Practices, Commerce, INTERNAL, Knowledge Base

Although electronic credit card processing systems are generally reliable, issues can and will occur.  To maintain accurate accounting and to catch and fix problems before they affect your business and customer relationships, you must reconcile your Paladin Point of Sale gift and credit card sales with your credit card processor’s records every business day.  This […]

Attention: Windows 7 no longer supported

Customers, Knowledge Base, Policy

Paladin support for Windows 7 will end January 10, 2022. Correct operation of Point of Sale cannot be guaranteed after this date. We highly recommend that our clients contact Paladin Support (1.800.725.2346 opt.2) to purchase a new computer as soon as possible, as back orders may cause them not to get a new PC as […]